I'm learning to fly

By the new year, my lovely wife decided to implement one of my long-cherished dream and gave quadrocopter camera. Now, our journey will become even more interesting 🙂 she gave me a model Syma x8hw, whose possibilities are limited only by Wifi range. Broadcast video phone is possible at a distance of about 70 meters, which is enough to capture great scenery. In the future we plan to purchase several batteries, modify antenna buy FPV glasses and fly it everywhere. Try we went to kumysnyh clearing. There is a small playground, which is closed from the wind by trees. There also the first flight. will not spread as high drone did not raise and look there is almost nothing to
Here's what a holiday village with a bird's eye view:.

Korol'kov garden in Saratov:

Who until the holidays, almost every day we go fly. With increasing flight skills will spread the new video from flights over the favorite places.

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