Impudent drove Mersedes GL

I was driving down the street ... Ostrovityanova strange déjà vu-that is, and is not all right - just this is the third entry in my BZ of the conflict on the street with the car brand Mercedes. What kind of place is?!
Well, it means I'm going by the rules themselves and insolent man, even more the guy starts to climb "on their wai how dangerous machine" through the solid. It remains extremely outraged that I did not shoot, and begins to play "a goat, not even as it turned out, that in general it is not surprising - in a goat, the mountain" Well, I kind soul sinful deed thought maybe he just in the yard right breaks and I decided to skip it, but it was not there: Comrade decided to hurry up and get out to talk, blocking traffic, and therefore the invitation done by hand waving from the cabin of your car (as seen in the chamber) and left too. I thought that the police department "Konkovo" no longer understand me if I was the third time I shall get them a statement the (threat of firearms) Makaritch safely left in the car and took a more faithful and old druga- Toporycha.(Old ax with red peeling handle and rusty blade often helps to solve the problem fairly quickly) Well then I went up to this citizen, he came up to me (I am very sorry that he had blocked the very essence of their cars, so that the recorder can be seen only as I walk back with gently leaning against the back of the ax, and then back again))
Next dialogue:
OH "What are you looking"
Ya "Well you I stopped here and watch, or rather listen to"
OH "What a elda behind you"
Ya, "that what you wanted to ask, when I braked"
OH "Do you miss me that it is a pity, his right edlupulls out "
Ya" If I can get my eldu, you generally eat about *** as long as it is just an ax "... and lowered the ax in his hands down the legs)
OH" Fuck you fuck "and backs in his ship and jumps behind the wheel
Ya "Well, as you will" start to leave
OH touching the yard, says the traditional "I'll find you answer _____" and leaves

to give pleasure to be honest, I direct amuse people who like this brake the car to then what? to expose myself to the whole lohom stopper? all good road)

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