Links front stabilizer. Ssangyong vs Nipparts. And comparing the sizes.

Links front stabilizer. Ssangyong vs Nipparts. And comparing the sizes.

Because now actively engaged in finding and buying just for the complete revision of the front axle, then decided to write something on the memo.
I hope still to some of our useful. ))

So, comparing records front stub Kyron right - 4,475,209,000, compared with a left ordered Nipparts N4960409
showed that nipparts more "bold" for their money))
When more. cheap cost (an average of 100 rubles.) Nipparts N4960409 - has proved to be stocked and washers and rubber sleeves!
(for orders of existential, in the description of this word does not exist anywhere) ...

Moreover, longer nipparts engovskogo exactly 2 mm. in part with the tip of the thread. (enga- tip length 64 mm, length nippartsa -.. 66 mm, the rest of the body and the total length is identical.)

Body length (without tip with thread) - Yenga = 157 mm. ,
- nippartsa = 155 mm
lower landing pad thickness nippartsa also appeared thicker nearly 1 mm.. (8.7 mm to 8 mm exactly in Yenga).
By the way, too, were the hub nippartsa engovskih thicker at 1.5 mm.

link Overall length = 220 mm.
external link trunk diameter = 16 mm.
The diameter of the inner hole link bolt = 12 mm.
The diameter of the nut-key = ?? 17,
tip thread = (nut) M10 ... step 1.25.

Nipparts is not painted, the word really.))
engovsky as always beautifully and evenly dyed.)
So neoriginal, as often happens, was not entirely analogue.))

Next post in a few days, when I get my hands on and feel, will be about the links stabilizer front rekston1, with its own silent block, as a possible replacement kayronovskim.)

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