Problems with Sasovskoye Kiruha.

Problems with Sasovskoye Kiruha.

Hello everyone.
Well, that's part of the I became the owner of KYRONa. . Experience is not a big operation
What to do on their own at the moment: the replacement of the engine oil and oil filter. Replacement of the fuel filter, replacing the air filters, cabin and engine refinement modulators with the fuel filter from the Zhiguli, water separator cleaning, replacement of front brake pads
What is to be done at run 110,000 km:.
1. It does not work the handbrake. Conjuring ropes and porshenki.
It was possible to buy a new set of 483KT05010 on Avito for 1200 rubles.Which included the new pads, anthers and porshenki for the parking brake. Price is not large compared to avtodokovskoy (about 5000 rubles).
Just ordered new cables and PTD003 PTD004 company PARTS MALL. It may be old and have been able to revive. Reinsured.

2. Terrible thunder front suspension. I do not know what to wear. But I will definitely alter the top levers for installation of the bottom ball GAZ 3110. The ball picked up at the store, make a drawing arm for mounting the ball, cut out with a laser from 8mm steel and welded to the lever according to the information from Chiron clan dp2. Plans will put an arm.

Ordered lower ball CBKS7 CTR firm. Previously I used the parts of the company. Reliable.
Just ordered silent blocks for the upper arms original 4,441,209,000 for 355 rubles.

And here is how to disassemble the front suspension do not know yet. How to disassemble the rack, etc. Only I read that there is a danger when removing.

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