Repair handbrake

Once again, hello!
At the time of purchase Karl did not pay attention that if the handbrake is working. After already I arrived in the garage began to put it on the handbrake, and it was not there. Do not hold the infection. Lopuhnulas.
Okay. I may have to pull. Useful. He pulled, did not help. He began to understand what's the matter.
took off first the right cable. I look soured. Sprinkle HP because syak like it moved. I clean it more useful in the mechanism. Having read the forums that the torn boot on it, opened it. Cleared, cleaned and a new boot made from the camera. Sobral, put the cable in place.
Next thing went to the left cable. Stripped off. He sprinkles his HP to no avail. I tortured him this way and that, in any way. In the grip of it, he pulled, pulled in any way. Soured completely. Then I saw that at one point he broke. He spat on the whole thing, I called my wife she was taken to the store. Bought for 1600 original.
Here we are, doing everything as well as on the right side, put into place. He pulled. He began to try, does not hold. Then all fell. He began to think and wonder what's the matter. He took off the brake discs found that pads worn, and only on one side. Tried to regulate, it did not happen. He spat on the case and put on no specific time. As long as I manage without it, but in the future I will still do. Pads are recognized 2700.
Photos old rope lay out later, but it is all repaired gallery no. I never thought that I would keep logbook!)))
Here's a story about the hammer at me happened.

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