Replacement tube turbine modulator!

Dratuti today came across a video from the Sergey Shao with Chiron clan, where he talks about dorabotochku with a modulator of the turbine! I decided to also try to do the same. Bought 2 tube 5mm diameter and 3mm hole for the carburetor in the store. He took off his own modulator, which is on the housing between the motor and the battery. He took out a so-called "Hollow" and pipe Vakoumé. Prokinul pipe to the turbine, coupled to the modulator. Further interesting: I had previously engaged in shutdown negros , tube modulator of the Negro was in connection with a tee modulator turbine, ABS, etc. I decided to change the handset is also necessary.

Replacement tube turbine modulator!

Here is razdvoitel and he enters the tee!

turns off the tee leaves the tube and diverges into two channels (blacks and module turbines), this one splitter is removed and the tube is put directly on a tee and a modulator.
What we get as a result? On first impressions, it added traction and slightly decreased turboyamu. A little more on the dynamics of total. Next will keep up to date. Let's look at the dynamics on tarmac drier, it is too slippery in the city, but I will say this: back of the beginning throw when you try to press harder on the gas pedal! At this time, all, thank you all for your attention:)

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