Replacing the battery on Inci Aku

summer noticed that the factory has become the car a little longer, but not as critical was this summer. With the arrival of cold weather question battery replacement rose sharply. maybe in a moment when it was necessary to go urgently, and usually happens :), car refused to start. And was just -13
Searching the internet, reading reviews, come to the conclusion that. The choice is huge, but no guarantees. Almost like a cat in a bag.
Trusting someone took Turkish Inci Aku 100 (Ah)
only negative did not finish it right away starting current total of 760 (A)

Replacing the battery on Inci Aku (a)

how much it will stretch and how will I watch maybe, will behave in the winter had never come across with this company.

a former battery was Varta blue dynamic g8

Replacing the battery on Inci Aku
judging by the date on the cover worked with 2013/02 for 2016/12
on while living will operate as a power source vylaskah

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