Put, spacers on the front and rear springs. Well, I have already reported on this earlier)) before the spacer 4 cm butt + 5 cm. A real elevator up from the hub center to the wing 52 cm in front of and behind the same indicators. Of course, to crawl over the snow has become much better), and pulls in the snowdrifts)) The defense did not cling to, the distance from the earth to the protection was 22 cm. This is a positive. But there is a minus, I began to feel his own body, as a feeling, as if all spring ceased to fulfill the small bumps in the road, which are formed in the form of ice (such small icicles up). I came to the conclusion that the spacers should be changed to the normal spring and digest the front cup. On the backside of the supply spring and dampers Nivas Bighorn. All the same, it seems spacers flattened settling stock springs and do not allow them to work. The distance between the branches in front of quite small. Probably by centimeters - half ...

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