They took a lead cap wipers. ?? leash and a neighbor ((

Recently, I lost the protective cap from the right leash. ((
Well propal.tupo spi.dili seems. ((
Because in the day lost a janitor at the right leash standing nearby silver Aktion Sports . ((
other explanation, I do not see, because the experiment was conducted specifically attempts to disrupt the cap wiper deliberately brush with an effort, as before, the results did not bring ...
stood the two caps from the last owner, that is about six years . (
From time to time in our yard there are two stray Chiron.
I suspect that they could.(
Especially removed on the day when I, contrary to custom, put the car back to to the street, and in front to the site to Gaugeable the ability to install the recently purchased site for the hoist, together with the front tow bar DZK. So that the "tihushnichat" can was vlegkuyu.
But what is most interesting, it happened almost immediately after I published a shopping list to here to drive. ((
So friends, forewarned is forearmed!
paste them sealant firmly to the leash or something.)
A grab the leashes can be welded.))
Let pomuchayutsya even used.((
Like bitches to know that I only just bought three pieces of caps in stock! (
However, there is hope, but soon I Get a funny staff, (plastic) protective bellow for huge voids front axle ...
PySy.prodolzhenie follows.

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