TO-4 40000km

back in October to do what 4. All the time there was no time to write about it. It was bought:
1) Fuel filter HDF925E . For a long time I am looking for some of the filters with the sensor. Some wrote that the 925 others that an educated bet 924. 925. chose not guessed. It turned out that it is no sensor. The sensor would fasten on the water separator, as the old rests on superglue. Hopefully that will last until the next MOT.
2) Oil ELF RO196146 . Liu kept it. Since the last half of the remaining nearly 4l cans. Acquiring the another canister to 4 liters + 1 liter, just in case. Enough butt even left 400 grams in litrushke.
3) Transmission oil Mobil 152661 . After last he decided to change the oil in the rear axle every 10000km. Decided not in vain, as it was black.
4) Oil Filter 16218-03009 original. He stands with my discount 392r. Sense to take an analogue not see.
5) Air filter AMDFA13 . Approximately 2 weeks after he was placed, I have learned that all the time, put the air filter for petrol engines. It differs from a lack of diesel
plastic lattice, which I had only seen on the original filter, which stood on the new machine. The grid needs to filter a piece of turbine pressure sucked into the intake manifold. Now I will put the right filter:)
6) Cabin Filter AMDFC12
7) Janitors Skybear 702 160 and 702 240 .. 60, and 40cm respectively. It provides practical ideal wipers. I go with them for more than 3 months. Clean well and do not creak.

very fact managed in 1500R, if I am not mistaken. 5418r spare parts.
A couple of weeks after pereobuvki in winter tires, saw that the pad is almost gone. Changed to Mando pad set on both axles. Rooms MPH27 and MPD13 .

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