Trouble. Lit CHECK

Good evening or day (someone like) dear friends.
I want to share with you my little problem.
It was evening, there was nothing, and I was driving home after a long day of work.
Approaching the grocery store I fired up the check. Feels as if the car tried to stall, but it never happened.
I was stunned by this. Run the machine ugh. Everyone always check and not on time, and this is where you focus on.
What to do. I went to the store and praying to all the gods that would be reached, trudged home.
Near the house (luckily it was probably -20 degrees), I took his blyutuzt OBD II adapter and believed such a mistake.

Trouble. Lit CHECK

What would make it clearer - R0171

Here description of what it can be

P0171-speed adaptive regulation of the air / fuel ratio:
rich mixture

P0171 Malfunction of the control system air / fuel ratio - rich blend of

P0171 fault adaptive control system - rich mixture at idling

P0171 fault adaptive control system - A rich blend at low load

P0171 fault adaptive systemRegulation - A rich blend of high load

Well, of course I understood everything))))
Well there is a problem and it should be solved.. Today, I stumbled to work and from there to the OD (do what nothing machine is to "guarantee").
By the way I mistake erase did not spices that would then not otvertelis vaunted 'officials.
cast for diagnosis as much as 1300 rub. Who showed absolutely the same as my ELM.
recommendations mean OD I erase the mistake and go well Etoka about 500 km. type appears again then we will look for. And the minute your train to the left is now something that hinders you to do so. So it seems they do not want to check all's otmazyvatsya.
I do not think I have not yet made a whole brain. I do not care to do something so that I went to the clerk I say they say do not care let's part is now part then. Agreed
escapes bought here are candles:.
Denso Q16TT

Trouble. Lit CHECK

Platinum soldering

price of the candle 160rub. And in addition at Denso oddly in the catalog it was written to fit kyron. (Prior to that, there were candles Beru 4-pin)
Took ochistil liquidation moth cleaning the throttle and the air filter.
Photos candles that have turned out I'll add later
And unfortunately the photo did not throttle but I will say that the deposit on it was very strong and had to wash several times.; reticulum was also filthy and 35-40 percent clogged with soot and kopatsya
What we ended up with:.
- the engine began to work smoother and quieter
Stopped podtraivat was periodically knocking (missing)
. - error and erased until it appeared
Now we have to change toplevny filter and engine oil
ride and watch... On the results of write

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