What could it be?

Today happened such a nuisance: I stopped at a red light and suddenly, the engine speed slowly began to fall and the engine stalled. Trying to make, the result did not give. I wound up only once in the fifth, and only the gas pedal down more than half. When the pedal is released and the picture is repeated on fire chek, the computer showed the error 703 (CAN bus stop signals?). With grief in half I pulled away, driving 200 meters and stopped the engine began to work in normal mode. A couple of times before that there were similar cases:
- first as the traffic light turns began to fall to 400, but not stalled - has recovered peregazovkoy;
- the second at an entrance, not start a startup, with the key also started up only down gas pedal, cure the same peregazovkoy.
Each time a bug climbs 703. In all cases, the street 3eh far beyond -30 °.

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