# 45 Preparation of 4 + 2 POT to install

In the next day decided to move the brake. On good course would be for them to start to walk on them sandblasted, but the luxury I could not find it. To postpone this point until better times) Later buy paint for the brake calipers by brush, as has already been the experience of painting supports of balonchika like it I do not like come) Anyway!
ordered a repair kit for the caliper, the piston does not become order as they were in fairly good condition (without scarring and shells on the working surface).

# 45 Preparation of 4 + 2 POT to install

In any case, Article repair kits:

Repair Kit - Subaru 26297-FA051 (the original), Seiken SP-S109P / 260-40109 (analogue)

Repair kit - Seinsa D4410 (the original is worth more than the front 4POT, and gums included 2 times less)

Repair Kit Since no sealing rubber bands that stand between the two halves. In one BZ found how this problem could be solved. Generally used in the assembly of the halves benzostojkie rubber rings from the VAZ nozzles, the diameter of the fit perfectly.

laundered, dry, I gathered. I not do all the details right, because I think it's too much). I am waiting for the time to put them, but first we must buy a parking brake pads 170 mm below 2POT. Later still it is necessary to clean the front / rear hub from dirt, rinse and lubricate the bearings, replace the internal glands. Of course finding the time to call on a friend to the hoist for installation)

# 45 Preparation of 4 + 2 POT to install

All good and good luck on the road!

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