Aluminium levers


Long wanted to imagine the front aluminum levers. Think about it seriously when mnya cracked ear stabilizer left , and after a time, and right .
When traveled to Moscow , climbed into the Internet and found one a company selling used / Parts. One arm was available, the second in Omsk. We stopped, paid, took one, the second was sent to the bottom. Each 3,000 rubles.

After receiving the second arm, bought a ball (decided to change because one was slightly torn boot and climb then you do not want).

Replacing them is not complicated . We take out the cotter pin, unscrew the nut and a few blows of a hammer knock out the ball.

Aluminium levers

Arm without ball.

Aluminium levers

Black cone is in the middle photo, we put on the ball and everything put in place.

tighten the screws, shplintuem.

Next, remove the lever: post the machine, remove the wheel, unscrew the bolt that holds the ball in the hub. Bolts of fastening of the lever to the car better pre-rip. Then I helped the pipe 1.5 meters and Tema.

Aluminium levers

I am an assistant))

Then unscrew the bolts fastening of the lever to the machine and take out the ball from montazhku hub.

Aluminium levers

lever lifted.

Be careful not to flew Bellow SHRUS.

Aluminium levers

Comparison of arms.

Aluminium levers

How Tema said aluminum looks even better.

Few looked older levers: rear bushings are worn out in the trash, huge play; on the right arm threw ear again; Ball is also time to change.

Aluminium levers

set the lever and new rack stabilizer in place.

difference in management is not particularly noticed, it is necessary to make alignments.

thank you for your attention!

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