As I was not ready for the winter.

A very long time did not write here. Autumn was tough (fucking leap year). It was not until the car completely. And in the middle of November to the Urals we come real cold. First, -15, -20, and then a -32
And here for the first time for long-term operation of various cars, frost has thrown a number of serious problems.
Briefly tell this sad story. Certainly not like -62 Noyabrsk, but only 32-34, but it was enough))))
1. In this frosty November day (-34) I would not start. Or rather, the machine did not even try to submit life signs. Of course, I imagine that this will happen, because the cold has Accum slightly twisted, though I charged him a month earlier.
Not nice. Stupidly Accum. Stupidly died.
Usually I put the car at 22.00 hours, and in the morning hours of 8 takin. In this mode, up to -22 degrees I plant. -32 in this trick failed
Anyway, garbage BUSINESS -. wire, helpful people and all okay

2.. Benz.
warmed, went.
20 minutes later, in one of the corners in the interior smelled gasoline. And very much. Immediately on the side of the road, off the beaten path, I open the hood - "Oil Painting" - in the area of ​​the compressor kondeya all gasoline. To be honest, ochkanul))). He began to watch, remembering that Subar frost often smells
benzo due benzoshlangov. I detect leaks. For compressor kondeya benzoshlang and two clamps. From under one, when you turn on the ignition and starts pumping the pump can be seen as the stream flows benz. It's good, it means the hose is safe and necessary to tighten the clamp. But to get to the clips and tighten failed.
Screwdriver straight does not come at such an angle. He threw the car until the evening, went to the bus. In the evening, armed with a screwdriver, which is bent, pulled the straps. The big problem with the smell did not appear. Think seriously about buying a professional set of tools in the car.

3. Ammorty boot.
In the fall began to notice what is bad keeps the boot lid. The colder the worse.
Outcome -umer one ammortik. How dolbanulo 32, and a second died. And then I felt the whole weight of the trunk lid on his back)))
Kapets it is extremely heavy))

4. Rear ammorty.
When we leave in the morning on a cold, a feeling that you go on the wagon. But usually you will pass a little bit and everything comes back to normal. But not this time.
Blows, knocks did not pass, and only intensified. In short outlived its rear ammorty.

To summarize, I would say that the situation in these cold days I vybesila specifically)))

As I was not ready for the winter.

cold she can see whether it became requires care and attention))))

More items that do not belong to the cold, but got out in this period.

5 . Here I will write about the tires.
In the winter I go to the Michelin X-Ice nort3. Before him, on the other machines were 1st Michelin, then the second,
on forik I bought the third. Rubber was pleased with exactly one season, after which the thorns on it less than a half. After the second winter spikes left by the word "absolutely"
However, even without a thorn kept it perfectly, I even on the ice went spices of protest. To 60 mph norms, then certainly in the turning sails
In the end, I decided. doshipovat, but ran into a problem. will post more.

6. lights. Oplavilsya lamp holder, lamp H4 apparently got bad. I bought a cartridge from the pelvis, for better pad not found.

Looking ahead to say that all of the above is already fixed, for each item write a separate post.

7. signal apparently also went to another world, and he was alive when it was no different volume, and then became like a baby machine, ashamed even honk)) Can someone tell me the options?
fenshuynaya Hella? the price probably is not humane, but did not recognize the price, from the Volga can fit? or disassembly take regular, although some are not serious. I not yet solved this poser.

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