Although the name is not very correct, the fact that the passage of the inspection in the SAI, to read the engine room, I had to take a cooler, taking prifigel I'm a little on the state of the pipe connection, dry and quite old. I thought then, after the holidays have to call the store, buy a different tubes and replace. So today, a happy meal in the city, pressed the trigger, acceleration, in the region of 3500 on the tachometer under the hood sounded Buuu ... the car lost traction. Nakata has come to the parking lot, stopped cars decayed. I came out, looked at all oil antifreeze out of the car does not run, that's good. He opened the hood, ba ... intercooler broke away from the pipe. burst at centimeters along the two and flew off. Twist the tape, put in place, run the car ... and stalling troit (what to do as you think, I think MAF? Or something?

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