Briefly about the further development.

Briefly about the further development.

The new turbine is installed, "run-in" .Poka more than 0.5 bar is not blown.
There is still a lot of work on the fuel system, replace the shaft, cylinder head, and the finalization of course setup .

By toplivke planned fuel pump Valbro 400l and replaced well-established liter of force Bosh to come 1700cc.

also want to put tyun shafts is inclined to TOMEI PROCAM with phase 270gr must be optimal in order not to lose heavily on bottoms and in the middle, but getting brighter top.
And along the chiseled channels cylinder head, 255golovy is known to have narrower channels compared to 207boshkami.

Still it is necessary to deal with the crankcase ventilation, all past with masloseparatorami solutions do not lead to success, the nespravlyalas system and pressed oil, the peremerzalo.

by setting this all works by Mapu, a patch of merpmod with launchem and ffsh.

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