Compression Subaru turbo?

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In continuation of the post of the unit based on 2.35l 2.5 ,, raise the issue of SJ!

Compression Subaru turbo?

I think everyone knows that the jdm ej205 has a compression channel 9: 1, thanks to this and the small turbine, TF-035 it is a comfortable urban motor, better only ej20y such as SJ, and a twin scrolls which stands in Legacy.
205 jdm engine, no problem digesting pressure turbine 1.35 VF-29 and large counterparts.
But all I think it would be desirable that the turbines would at a regular, first baseman Rod was the best!
I think when assembling spare korotkohoda, one of the most effective methods to add bottoms will increase SJ say to 9.5-10: 1, it is interesting how the engine will behave at the top with a degree in the winter can be and regulations, and for the summer, we buy here is:))

Compression Subaru turbo?
this question is likely to better answer people who have setup experience, as interest other methods of dealing with detonation, with the exception of alcohol and cooling (to him and everything is clear)
Why Honda can blow 1kg 30th Garrett on the product 98 without moving the motor, and Subaru not :)))?
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