Fuel Filter. Help me to understand.

Hello everyone. Actually a subject.
We have Forester 2005 2.5 XT with a restyled interior (perhaps this is important).
Ask a question by replacing the fuel filter elements, and faced with the controversial moment.
Under the hood is a fine filter, 100% know in the tank should coarse mesh at the pump, and 1 mesh coarse cleaning of the tube in the opposite part of the tank, for filtering fuel which overflows into the part with the pump.
But network ton of information about fine filter, which is located in a small housing sequentially immediately downstream of the fuel pump in the tank. All change the interior of the filter on the "Insert" from the same pribludy for Legacy beginning of the 00's -.! 42072-AE000

The question is
If I have a fine filter under the hood in the normal place, can Do be even 1 filter in place after the pump?

I will be grateful for the responses, thoughts, insights.

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