Intercooler by GRB at the 205th motor

Intercooler by GRB at the 205th motor

We have intercooler Ste SAB (Pokémon) - the largest top mount available runoff today - with one hand.
and stock ej205 with TD04hl, which it would be desirable to tie

In principle, almost like Lego, but here are 3 essential improvements:.
1. Staff pipe on the throttle too short. It should be 1 cm longer. Better to take silicone - with it the removal / installation of the cooler is much easier

2.. The left (looking at the motor) Intercooler bracket have substantially uzhdinnit - somewhere on 6cm

3.. I do not know how with other turbines, but the wastegate actuator our td04hl ran into the cooler and did not allow him to put it right. New mounting holes on the bracket actuator were created using grinders help welding and drills so that he moved down to 10mm.

That's all. Since the cooler wider but not as long as the GDBshny, conditioner big tube buckled very little.
Generally, with GRBshnym sack removal / installation procedure takes about five minutes and is much easier staff:)

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