Momo STi wheel ala exclusive

Momo STi wheel ala exclusive

somehow on the day sitting in Watts ann and then a good friend throws pictures Japanese Momo steering wheel with a glass of Japanese Subaru for a ridiculous price, is the man threw announced in the local Watts ann group "avtobaraholku" which just has been my friend, and immediately thought of me, without losing any time call, make an appointment and night wheel with a glass already at me ... why I had then bought I do not know the price was ridiculous, so thought it a little cheer and sell more expensive, but a good reflection and turning fantasy, I realized that this is an excellent platform to presentsport steering wheel, which I have so long dreamed of (yes, STI wheel Fox stunned, but wanted more candid sports)
And so, in terms of -.
1. cover the wooden elements of carbon fiber (present or film or aqua seal)
2. in the resin coating applied oracal sticker STI
3. lacquered carbon elements
4. alter the old skin in a new one with red stitching
plan slated transgressed to the implementation, this has got the red STI logo sticker and gave the wheel another sorcerer who my Gelika already made funky steering wheel with carbon fiber, a week call - bro, you're done and I have for you a surprise to learn a new technique ...
after these words food to him and ohrenevayu, my friend has skin and new with red stitching as I would like to alter the whole thing, golden hands, awesome happened ... paying for such works, flew into his garage varnished carbon fiber elements and leave overnight to dry.
on the morning run to the garage to watch the result - it sveeeerh sekaz, now I am happy with the wheel, which will be in the car, this exclusive ... will have recently put on the car =)

p.s. any thing can give a second life bright

p.p.s. my wheel STI in the sale, the state fire until needed money, I will give 10 million, will pack and send even to the Moon

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