P0011, valve, AVCS pulley and my nerves)

P0011, valve, AVCS pulley and my nerves)

Good day!
I decided to share with you the experience.)

About 3 months ago jumped check p0011. Periodically quenched and appeared again.
As a result, ride as a month and a check is now already burned constantly. Having studied the Internet and having gone to the service - decided that died right valve AVCS. They took off, checked-like work. His cleaned, set and voila - the check went

A month later, back lit with a check P0011 -. Decided to change the valve. Replaced and that the most interesting - the check was left)

Again the diagnosis, everything began to look, including the timing. Verdict died right pulley AVCS.

As a result, ordered the right and left (at the same time) AVCS pulley. Changed and check off. Now can anyone need the old pulleys? I know them guys repaired, so write))

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