Post sale Thun and intake manifold Blitz

Post sale Thun and intake manifold Blitz

I was the same! Cuernavaca evil turn!

Post sale Thun and intake manifold Blitz

Photos from the internet, is exactly the same. Case + Filter

Sale Tyunen different height collector (Bububu) cusco or zero sport, removed from the imported car, lying in the familiar.
Status in appearance is very good, no cracks or overheating. The gathering is also 4-1 with no cracks or tears.

Runner 4? 39 mm. The diameter of the place of convergence is not pacing, visually 63mm.

Suitable for all monoskroll Subaru.
It's almost all Impreza and Forester

On request, can make detailed photos, or even video report.

Price 9000r.

Write to votsap +996705822446

as there is an inlet - Blitz iron case for Mafa + original cone filter. bolt it to Forester and Impreza 2002-2007 SG DG 2000-2006.
Price 3000r. 200r to TK.

Send to CIS, undertake all securely packed ??

Please click "share" you do not mind, but I'll help. All a Happy!

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