Preparing for winter (wheel assembly to the fuel pump locker sti bumper)

avc wheels and tires 225 40 17 Velcro repair disk old (was a little cracked in spare wheel) and one of the "new" New + nipples, old caps not otkruchivalis.- 2600, the master, on the advice of the seller. tread on the rubber 50%, cuts there.
petrol pump started to act up, especially after the 98 petrol, 47rub barely until the next refueling reached that would dilute the 95 well 10l filled, MIRACLE oF fUEL (try decided) on lada denso Gasoline pump) had to buy bu already have a friend, za2500 assembly in a state better than I have in 2 times, not my bad was!
Well, the long-awaited STI bumper locker, just 3500! steam is used in the rules state
2 door moldings, upper for 500r, and handles 2 front doors, in idialno state) -! 600r old died before me
used parts from the take in one place, with Japanese cars, "! friend "saw cut fetches
photo will like to buy the phone), or ask someone else)

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