Recovery, preparation

Recovery, preparation

In general, podshamanil:
1. Replacing the steering rack, because it was killed, lila gidrach.
2. Replaced front brake discs because There was a fierce development, respectively, and new pads.
3. Ball, molt.
4. Flooded engine oil Bardal 5v40 synthetics.
5. Change the oil in the automatic transmission on the Castrol, with cleaning tray, replacing the filters. Incidentally, the oil-in-box has not changed since the release of the a / m, as the upper filter was the factory, all in their native sealant and soured drain nut.
6. I change the oil in the rear gearbox.
Photos repair parts and killed did, because was the car to Subaru hundred.
How is it fashionable to refer to a / m I do not understand ever.

Before reconciliation in the SAI, it was necessary to remove the tint from the front window and sun visor on the front ...

Well, as soon as I start to work on reducing the body.
Painting front bumper and wing feathers. Hood also need to paint, but I think to stick it under a varnish carboxylic film ... Who else thinks is contact with the film or not?

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