So I waited blue)))) The first – Replacement Battery

So I waited blue)))) The first - Replacement Battery

All hello! For a long time I did not write anything, all hands did not reach to sit at the computer, in that time there was a lot of, well, let's start the procedure that has been done and what was found)))
As I wrote earlier here / r / subaru / 1300340 / Japanese do a service to the engine and I put the car on blocks in the garage so as not to spoil the tires, the car was delivered to the garage 23 January 2015goda and I went back home in Novosibirsk, to earn money with my family back home in Bishkek (I have two at home))) 3 October 2015goda, I went to the garage to visit the blue a couple of days after moving away from the trip and relatives. Having arrived and opened the garage, I saw the car of gray covered with a thick layer of dust, taking off shoes replaced the wheel and decided to start the first time after such idle, check all fluid, looking for some, but it was not there, turning the ignition key to start nothing happened or a light bulb is not lit, akumm dead and not simply dead and generally how to reset shall not be, we have tried to revive the two days, but without success, and I went to the market and took Westa 6CT-60VLR a good or bad time will tell) battery))

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