Stalled and will not start

In general the situation is, I went to the parents, for the 1000 km from home.
Halfway (Tobolsk) to tidy at about 100km lit check engine on the gas pedal respond stopped, stopped by the wayside and it stalled, and the plant refused.
Looking for HBS climbed error p0030 p0130, threw their car and would not start.
timing in the car with all original rollers changed ago. all oils (box, engine, gearbox), new, new filter in the tank.
Petrol poured, like everything was normal, drove 470km on it was still 15 liters in the tank
As a result, in Tobolsk was delayed until tomorrow, because it is one hundred percent engaged, tomorrow will look, what and how.
Maybe someone had similar situations and can give advice.

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