Taking WRX USDM 2001

Taking WRX USDM 2001

After selling forya, took time vyrika left-handed. Peretrёs all hodovka, round the wheel bearings, all Silent including gel. . Supports round the contract
Currently the machine:.
- ON mechanical ideally

- Engine JDM 205 PHASE! contract with mileage 116 t. km. 28/11/2016 replaced. It works like a clock, without extraneous noise. The new pump GUR and generator motor 207JDM
-. Brains are set to all known aprnsk under 98 local gasoline (Sibneft) to secure 250 hp Detonation is not at all!
Goes very vigorously, especially baseman

-. Box without crunches and noise, switching clear. The only reverse gear howls (common sore gear, cure is not necessary)

- all new hodovka. Racks round the deal with the car in 2007

-. Brakes BREMBO GOLD. GDB STI seats.

In the body there are shortcomings. Ryzhikov rear arches and the front right wing and the threshold.
Full curtain coating in 2013godu.
real buyers a good bargain.
EXCHANGE Not interested!
PRICE TAKING INTO ACCOUNT STI Seats and BREMBO brakes. Taking off the whole thing and putting the stock brakes and native sidushki with airbag cost can be reduced.
repost pliiiz and all happy.

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