The bad head, the rest does not :)

The bad head, the rest does not :)

Came box from a new friend,
From its state I was in a pleasant surprise, both outside and inside!)

Essence the problem was that the clutch is not interrupted once. New take toad strangled in the end took the whole korobas 4.44 and gearbox with blocking)
The most annoying thing was the fact that the speed sensor swap with my (old box) to the new (new to him no, because at this speed auto read with ABS

Removed old, scattered, pulled out the shaft.
Next is the shit! Since the sensor itself does not open, and in the words of Comrade with Suba service, never opened!))
Attempts were still, because I do not believe (it turned out in vain)
Break off the remnants of Sensor pulled all.
Next swap in a new box (already demolished)
iiiii ... back trouble!
Since the gland nadzhabili. ((
Result. The box is assembled, the gear unit supplied (new drive)
Left stick sensor and the road))
My speedometer gear does not fit!
Since my GP 4.11 and gear under its own under its 4.44! Ordered waiting for 1.5 months!)))
Seal is `~ 80 rubles.
Gear ~ 600-700
drive gearbox ~ 35
Work with your hands.))

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