the second – Identify knocking and overhaul of internal combustion engines

Hello Again! I went on JAVAauto station where I used to work for his friends and acquaintances in order to negotiate with the minder Vitya when it will be possible to drive to his car to assist in the repair, because at home I could not help him to do without a tool, but the problem was that the station was a mad place and space to the pit I could not pick out that I took off the motor after talking with Victor, it was decided to remove the motor home and bring to the analysis of and Troubleshooting the motor to the station, which I did. November 30, 2015 I took the motor home and took him to the station, but Victor was busy again and giving me all the tools at my disposal, I took to disassemble the engine, the motor, I quickly scattered from 11 am to 14 hours. As I was glad that during scattered the engine, it was revealed: Japanese cattle, more than it did not name, overheated engine is very good, from this led 2 and 4 cylinders, very badly damaged 2 cylinder, ellipse was 7 acres with a thermal gap of about 10 hundredth, here's a knock, although all were convinced that the liners wrapped, but it has not done, one rod was bent and the first and last legs were loose leaves, they erased to yellow, still have a little bit more and be cranked. It was whole and admission Surprisingly knee. After all detections started to create a list of what you need from the spare parts, as I write in the next record. Not much kick, virtually no photo, no

the second - Identify knocking and overhaul of internal combustion engines

piston are in order from left to right 1,2,3,4

had the opportunity to photograph analysis and Troubleshooting.

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