The tablet in forya. P1 – PD

The tablet in forya. P1 - PD

For nearly half visor 2din go.a lying on a torpedo ...
In general, it was decided to collect car recording on the basis of the tablet is likely to be Nexus 7. it is required functionality - photo viewing, video, navigation, radar, odv2 crap, etc. and etc., will sound through pioner80
was purchased yusb hub Easy cap for rear view camera, the camera
In the meantime, I began.. izgotvleniyu to the power supply. What is trendy with relyushkasi and so on. Do not delved too much, took a diagram printed on photographic paper, I went to radio store and bought everything except NSD15-12S5 ... Pri.etsya order and wait. But our hands are not for boredom - the iron in his hands. Translated wiring on the board, mixed peroxide and citric acid, and 20 minutes to erase all the stink without both hloristfm zhelzom or copper sulfate. probyval so for the first time -. content
Next, drill holes and all components are soldered. And then everything will come with Alibaba - and all gather

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