Third – Collect parts and engine collection.

Third - Collect parts and engine collection.

And it's me again. Compiled a list of spare parts, and began to have the guys at the station to find out that they have been only consumables, rezinochki, prokladochki, timing set, and liners, pistons, rings for pistons, connecting rods was not, we had all ordered, I prefer to put only the original and no dublekata. I ordered the missing parts, and sat waiting for a week guys called and pleased me for the better, my family pistons oversize was not anywhere except in Japan at the factory, but tsenik twice as through the plant. Do nothing, the piston is necessary had to order, after three weeks of waiting came that all ordered, taking the piston and block with Bosko took on boring. Elongated unit under the new piston, the master was surprised that the plunger all the same size and dimension of the dances they have it I just do not believe that the original piston. It all put the duplicate and no original orders. And tochnuli Bosko, both heads were a little screw. Bringing it home began to bore a wash just engines priter valve also at home, and final assembly of the heads of the block and around the engine produce already with Victor station. Here is what was purchased and installed:
Gaskets under the intake manifold - 14035AA421;
Gaskets (rings) on the unit for coolant - 806,933,010;
Ring candle well - 13293AA051;
Gasket valve cover (right) - 13270AA152;
Gasket valve cover (left) - 13272AA075;
Seal camshaft - 806,742,160;
Seal camshaft - 806,732,160;
seal crankshaft front - 806,733,030;
Seal crankshaft radical - 806,786,040;
Seals valve inlet - 13207AA120;
Seals exhaust valves - 13211AA110;
Roller bypass gear - 13085AA080;
Trailerbypass small (parasite) - 13073AA200;
Roller-pass smooth - 13073AA142;
Roller-pass smooth - 13073AA180;
Timing Belt - Bosch 1987949199;
cylinder head gasket - 11044AA483;
Ram - 12006AS170;
Rings for pistons - 12033AV770;
conrod - 12100AA240;
Inserts connecting rod - ACL 4B8296H STD;
Inserts indigenous - ACL 5M8309h STD;
air Filter - Sakura A-1818;
fuel filter - Sakura FS-1811;
Oil filter - Asakashi C901J;
engine oil - Hanata 5w-30

Ps.. Roller bypass small (parasite) had put 13073AA200, these videos are on the atmosphere Subaru, they row, and he must stand 13073AA230 double row, but I am here not found, and to order very expensive. There will come a thousand 20 to climb and change to another of the same or at home if I can find.

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