VDC and steering rack STI GDB + camber of the rear axle.

VDC and steering rack STI GDB + camber of the rear axle.

Greetings to all readers!
A little over a month ago I installed on the rack from the Forester Impreza STI GDB with the beam. From this change, I received a lot of positive emotions, but there was also a few minor irritants with which I struggled. About all the details tell more, a lot of information, but the picture will not be enough:)

Please share good impressions. The car does not know! Management was very collected, with a comfortable acuity, and this is exactly what was missing! By varying there ruts and other irregularities travel became easier, less work and more control of the wheel, about a smooth roads generally keep quiet 🙂 Plus, there is a sense that the bar has been set too knowingly. Together with the upper spacers, it gave a very strong parish for rigidity. My friend the same Forester in stock, also on the KYB Excel-G, and sitting down to his car contrast stiffness is felt very strongly. In short, I recommend:)

And now any disadvantages, and methods of struggle.
The first thing that began to happen after installation is periodically disable ABS and VDC, with errors on the steering position sensor and false positives VDC in the corners. Moreover I noticed that false positives when rotating in one direction are higher than in the other. It looks like this, that you turn, everything is OK, and the VDC is activated and starts to slow down the car, thinking it was a skid. Annoying feature:)
I Decided to see the scanner, there sees the sensor steering column, and it turned out that in the center position deviation of 4 degrees. Those. wheel smoothly, and the sensor sees a rotated 4 degrees.

And now, in my opinion, important and useful information! 🙂
Many people write that to adapt the steering wheel position sensor need Subaru Select Monitor (SSM), the dealer diagnostic tool, which is mainly in 'officials or specialized Subaru service. And besides, with its help, the sensor does not adapt. I all got a little easier - the sensor has been adapted multibrand scanner Launch X431 Pro. This device is used by many services, and find it much easier than the SSM. The very process of adaptation takes a few minutes and is carried out in parallel adaptation of the G-sensor.

everything was almost perfect after sensor adaptation. False positives appeared only at a sufficiently sharp turns of 90 degrees at a speed of 30-40 km / h. But if there is a purpose so rotated, VDC can be on and off 🙂 Although, I have a suspicion that this effect has already changed, but so far the road do not allow it to verify.
So, in addition, almost every morning, at the first corner right, I disconnected ABS and VDC, again with an error on the position of the steering wheel. I decided once again to check the alignments, and it turned out that the collapse of the left rear -0.14 and -1.27 on the right, all the rest is clear. Well, I think, for the purity of the experiment, it is necessary to put it properly, but as many of you know, the collapse of the back of the Forester is not regulated without tuning bolts. Bolts made tuning turners found here and dorobotannomu drawing 🙂 The drawing will lay out later

set the following parameters:
before: 0.00 toe;. the collapse of -0,30
Back: toe +0.05; the collapse of -1,15

After this error on the VDC and ABS adjustment is no longer appearing. If you get out on the steering column - I try to make the adaptation again. False positives check is not possible, we dropped a lot of snow, and the roads are slippery.

To summarize, I can say that the replacement is definitely worth all the difficulties, VDC with short rack becomes very sensitive to the tune of alignment and adaptation of the sensor wheel is easier than many people think. Therefore, place the rack on the STI, and have fun:)

More would like to add that after the snow has fallen, and even in such numbers, I first want to ride on this weather everywhere and as much as possible 🙂 Subaru 🙂 -Weather wheel drive VTD works wonders, yet managed to get stuck only was disabled VDC, but once it on and add gas immediately went everywhere! And habits of the rear-wheel drive when you press the gas in turn added drive. All enjoy:)

Thank you for your attention, I hope the information will be useful. Let your car and the weather you please:)

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