Installation on HBO Suzuki Xl7 (3,6L)

a long time thinking and talking about the dangers of HBO, as well as perhaps a couple of years was an opponent HBO ... but for fuel in Ukraine after the next price increase price (currently 23 USD per A95 ($ 0.9), I began to think about installing itself on cars HBO. a real urban consumption in Kiev about 16-17 liters per hundred on the road when driving about 11-12 110-120. Again, gather up the money, read the forums, arrived and established themselves in the heat of passion HBO! I 250 horses and V6, then realized that the cheap and without any problem will not be!
-Equipment STAG QBoX MAX OBD
-forsunki HANNA
-Reduktor KME GOLD (to him have questions)
-dop valve (multivalve)
-ballon 62 liters instead of a spare wheel under the bottom.
and so, the first 4th thousands of struggling with the cylinder capacity (it was from 35 to 42 liters), then once again came to the installers, they increased suction "cord" and voila the machine leaves from filling up charging from 50 to 57 liters.
Then came the "checks" on the mix ..., came third twice, and the last time already in hysterics requested to do so to align the chart (while studying HBO 4 principle). Who is driving another 4-5 thousand km, -chekov no.
left an unpleasant whining sound from the gear at idle and under light load, -but his promise to eliminate TO 10 000km
PS.Vopreki all of the above described disadvantages, there real savings in the 2-times cheaper and at least! ..
So I do not feel any discomfort in the loss of power and so on!) Passing 9 000km of 2-month and nearly paid for the installation. Photo lay out a little later!

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