All good day!
a month ago for his "swallows" ordered to inverter 12V / 220B 1500W (Pure Sine Wave). For those who do not know - Inverter converts 12V battery power to 220V. The day before yesterday received a parcel. Yesterday, spent the first test result ... ... a little pleased podrazryazhenny battery standing in the garage. I connected to it inverter and the inverter 1200W small grinders. The Bulgarian has earned ... I tried to work ... Cutting disc metal Cut 5 minutes (cut 2 pieces of pipe) and inverter protection tripped over a low input voltage. He hung up ... If grinders pulls 1200W, then pull and 900W drill and other power tools ... It will be necessary to try to work from the battery to the vehicle's engine zavedёnnom ... I think that will work without problems ... buy very satisfied!
P.s. It was possible to take and cheaper (almost 2 times), the inverter of the same power, but with a modified sine wave. Photo inverter will upload later ...

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