Over the last 3 months

During the period of the above-described time as the car went well and rides! It would be possible to finish the article, but ...
1. I still found the time and take care of the "Arab" street lamps. and now there back up to two lamps and fog.
2. Having dealt with the cause of idle area in 2000 rev / min.
3. The emergence of new problems (where without them). For example left support began to behave like in the field. Thunder, walks. also appears in the right-click wheel (bearing again).
4. No matter how much negativity I have not experienced this car, it all rides and rides (and for its 1.1 it actually goes).
SuSuchka - my curse. in a touring car in the state where it is now (thanks to the hostess) is especially no one fell. and the girl to leave without a car would not be desirable. Change in the Zhiguli as if sorry, silly.

I recall that in the presence of I is the same, only the red for parts! Who's supposed to, contact.

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