Subic. Power Installation

Good day)

So, armed with a book anikolaev and tips Aksenov-Irk , began the selection of the remaining components for correct operation of the low level in the Alto)

Subic. Power Installation

Thanks Anton for the book, everything is very clear, detailed and informative)

have been found / purchased:
Ultimate amplifier, dual-channel
interconnect ArtSound cable 5m
Copper wire power Aura company 8Ga at 4.5 meters on the + and -
Acoustic cable 2.5 mm "

Subic. Power Installation
Rated power dynamics = 200W, Amplifier nominal 2 channel bridge = 330Vt, so that the necessary reserve power is present .

From the battery pulled + and - , in the interior of the car plant through the native gum, simply it punctures

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Subic. Power Installation

Fuse planted on the double-sided tape

Power cables pulling on the right doorstep, together with the manager of the REM wire recorder. Interconnect cable pulled to the left.

Subic. Power Installation

I place in the interior

Subic. Power Installation

in the field of possible mechanical damage, wires further tightened in plastic corrugated

amplifier located on the rear seat back, screwing preliminary panel of plywood fitted by Carpet.

Subic. Power Installation

Final view of the boot)

this all plays well, the volume / power have stock, sub in the trunk is not localized, bass front , comes from the speakers.
by the way, the subwoofer grill painted in black)
Thank you for your attention!

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