SWAPO hub and racks

SWAPO hub and racks

Whatever you thought, but the work did not stop on red for the past year. Let not as fast as I would like, but ICE was finally repaired and began a slow running.
was moved and returned to the oven system and various shots on the little things. It will still be recording, and now on now happening.

is acute long-standing problem with the brakes, the native drum outlived its hub and brake cylinders jammed fuck, decided to replace them by the old Keyabry.

crap from this case I hapnul considerably, but leave almost sdohshie drums in any case it is impossible for soon will swap the engine and good brakes differently needed.
So let's start order.
Fitting hubs showed that they get in the perfect ball and steering rack are also suitable for slots to the drives, but the stem is too long, a problem in the process of solving the washers. Also nesraston in securing the hub to the rack hub wider.
Decided to SWAPO and stand in one, both in the mobile xs drive sign below the picture, but the stars were so new at all to the left and the old right. Of the two managed to gather a hybrid, generally no problems left.
Case for small, to buy from the live stand Okay, gather and make hybrids Rebild ball bearings, they are tired.
Working with Red is a great pleasure, despite the fact that morozyaka under 30KU and have to work on the street.

Love your machine and your loved ones that are allowed to play with toy cars, all happy!

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