Trip to Moscow

For a long time I thought what kind of car to buy (like something higher VISTA and all-wheel drive) and now the choice has fallen on a Suzuki, and specifically on the Grand Eskudo or Grand Vitara XL-7. Looked at the prices on the Internet for these cars, I decided to go on vacation to Moscow to visit his brother and at the same time to see the machine. Looked a lot of Suzuki ... across the rotten through and through, it turned out that the machine is in "Hachasalone". As a result, I found only 2 normal car with the real owners. Went I looked, compared, and arrange a meeting with the owner of the Suzuki and agreed to meet for the purchase of cars. At the meeting we went to the service station made a diagnosis, diagnosis of serious deviations not identified, because the little things (and replace kislorodnik salenblok) and it was decided to buy the car. The transaction took place on 27.03.2016 year. For $ 350 tr Vehicles Suzuki XL-7) was purchased))))
During the trip from Moscow, which is 3,000 kilometers with a car problem did not happen. I hope that in the future use of it establish itself as a reliable car.

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