We look for brain wiring and evo …

We look for brain wiring and evo ...

Hello everyone.
Since the engine from the Airtrek been and braid from him ... but he automata ... cut throw out unnecessary.
leaked firmware on the table (imob off) ... more samples to have ... no spark ... and there is no information I can from Airtreka what to do with the wiring automaton (a suspicion that something must be somewhere to connect and will be happy)
, but decided that would go on to not bathe for wiring firmware etc. Buy wiring from evo ... and Talcott wiring.

For all wiring Evo 5-8 + salon + control (low-resistance of force), and hence themselves as Force airtreke Force in conventional and management comes from the brain.
tidy Evo 5-8
Flow Evo 5-8
Brain (ecu) Evo 5-8
Well and force evo 5-6.

Can someone sells it will be very grateful for the Old.
Thank you for your attention)

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