A total of 156 mm of the estimated clearance of new Mercedes-Benz

Всего 156 мм: оцениваем клиренс нового Mercedes-Benz

The first ever "raised" universal E-class is a four-wheel drive and ground clearance of 156 mm.... will it be Enough for the title of "SUV"?

This format is to take a normal wagon, lift it over the road and to fasten the belt of unpainted plastic isn't new. Remember the Subaru Outback, Audi A4 and A6 allroad or Volvo with a Swedish Cross Country prefix. The more surprising is that Mercedes-Benz is thinking about this now — E-class All-Terrain made its debut in the fall at the motor show in Paris, along with the usual "barn" on the basis of a new generation of Eldorado.

A standard set

No surprise appearance of All-Terrain brought. Not counting the "off-road" zone, then the radiator grille in the style of crossovers Mercedes-Benz Yes other bumpers and wheels that start with 19-inch. Though to admit, not everyone will dare to redeem the shiny rims low profile tires in the mud or raced along the rocky dirt road.

Всего 156 мм: оцениваем клиренс нового Mercedes-BenzВсего 156 мм: оцениваем клиренс нового Mercedes-Benz

And within All-Terrain and not different from the normal Mercedes E-class — you can choose except that the color scheme leather trim of the seats and panels and decorative inserts from a variety of options. Instead of the instrument panel — a large display, next to which another TV, which can display a lot of information.

Всего 156 мм: оцениваем клиренс нового Mercedes-Benz

Of course, affordable and complete set of electronic driver assistance systems — while the E-class holds the leadership among the entire group according to their ability to travel independently. Active cruise control with start function and a stop (including emergency braking) is no surprise, but "eshku" can be parked, not while in the car through a special application on the smartphone.

Всего 156 мм: оцениваем клиренс нового Mercedes-Benz

Moreover, he is able to overtake other cars on the highway with the change of number is true, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions: speed in the range of 80-180 km/h, activated Steering Pilot, and navigation should be "sewn up" the appropriate way. However, many "autopilot" stuff, the E-class we have already told you — read the story "Body Benz". But the All-Terrain mode select the settings steering, powertrain and suspension is new.

156 mm — a little or a lot?

Know what a 156 mm in relation to the E-class All-Terrain? This clearance in its highest position Air suspension Body Control (standard in All-Terrain)! Mersedesovsky proudly report that he is 29 mm higher than normal E-class, with the same 156mm available only at speeds up to 35 km/h, after which the machine automatically drops. Yes, in Russia, any "state employee" more clearance!

Всего 156 мм: оцениваем клиренс нового Mercedes-Benz

A small plot of off-road All-Terrain passed without problems, but it is unlikely that there will tusuetsja some of the Renault Logan. But to high curbs better not go get ripped off the silver trim on the bumper. But how is it, why is it so low?

The fact that we didn't want to do another SUV in our scheme, plenty of them. All-Terrain machine for those who do not want to sacrifice passenger habits, but want a little more versatility

By the way, all-wheel drive transmission there is exactly the same as the normal E-class with 4Matic console — torque distributed over the axles in the ratio 45/55 (the rear). But with the slip of any of wheels it takes the traction control. However, snow and ice wagon or blinking triangle ESP, or if the traction control is put to sleep furiously stalling all four presenters, shod in winter tyres for asphalt Pirelli Sottozero 3. But otherwise, if Austria banned studded tires?

Всего 156 мм: оцениваем клиренс нового Mercedes-Benz

Sorry ESP to the end is not disconnected, and a little slide E-class is permitted only in sport mode. But for heavy-duty Mercedes-AMG E 63 AMG has developed a new all-wheel drive transmission, where the rear axle can come up to 100% of torque, there is a Drift algorithm. Recently, we have tested and it is details in the article "Complete rear wheel drive".

Entertainment for the driver

Of course, the All-Terrain is not AMG. But Steinhof not lied — he rides like a regular car and fits great in steep hairpin Alpine roads. And you can immediately utaplivat pedal to the floor as soon as the long bonnet towards the exit of the turn — the rest takes care of all-wheel drive. And the coolest feature, causing a sense of euphoria on the mountain roads is the active lateral support of the optional multicontour seats. Mchu, and the body holds in vertical position, a movable outer platen!

Всего 156 мм: оцениваем клиренс нового Mercedes-Benz

I liked the 9-speed automatic — it is not annoying constant switching up and down, and on winding tracks and does not rise above 5 transfer. But why nine of them? If it is not a marketing ploy to attract customers willing to hint friends and colleagues at Audi and BMW, they have only eight?

In fact, we did not need much effort to make the 9G-Tronic, using the concept of the former box 7G-Tronic. In addition, the calculations of the gear ratios has shown that we can effectively manage the 9 steps. But whether more — until the matter

In fairness, the number 9 next to the letter D can be seen on the highway or at an extremely relaxing treatment with the gas pedal on country roads. And this is a definite plus in field artillery March-throw — the engine barely rustling at 1500 rpm, and the peace and quiet break is that Yes, wide tires getting stuck somewhere in the district a-pillars and mirrors a breeze. Fuel consumption, meanwhile, falls below 7 l/100 km.

And what kind of motors?

Incidentally, only two — both diesel. Under the hood of a 220d E — the latest two-liter engine, issuing an impressive 194 BHP and 400 N∙m of torque. Mercedes-Benz has not yet reported specifications, since all the test All-Terrain belonged to the pre-production party, but the usual universal E 220d rear-wheel-drive accelerates to hundreds in 7.7 seconds and can reach 235 km/h.

Всего 156 мм: оцениваем клиренс нового Mercedes-Benz

A heavier All-Terrain (1.8 tons), slightly slower if on the plain and at reasonable speeds features two-liter diesel is missing, then climbing a hill or fast overtaking do not call it an element. Moreover, its 400 N∙m the engine produces in a narrow range 1600-2800 rpm. So it is better not to strain it once again — it sounds rude and constantly turn the engine is not desirable.

E 350d — is another matter! This 3.0 V6 diesel has long been known for the line of Mercedes-Benz and soon it will be replaced with the newest row "six", but it feels so good to pull a huge wagon 258 horses and 620 Newton metres! Hysterical don't need to sink the pedal to the floor at every acceleration — thrust solid stock here is available from the "bottom". Therefore, when the drive is active it consumes not much more than a two-liter engine — even on the streamer can get away with 11 l/100 km.

Всего 156 мм: оцениваем клиренс нового Mercedes-Benz

Petrol engines for All-Terrain and don't plan. According to Stanhope, the main market will be Europe, in the USA or China like raised station wagons are not very popular. But Mercedes-Benz will closely follow the sentiment of buyers — there are no barriers for installation under the hood of any motor from the line E-class. Rumor has it that his version can release and separation of Mercedes-AMG.

In European countries the E-class All-Terrain will appear next spring in the same 2017 it will reach us, although the exact timing could not yet name no one. I wonder what we will sell and the usual "barn" E-class, but it is in Russian conditions, All-Terrain will be the most "universal universal" as it is and marketers are positioning Mercedes-Benz.

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