Already not a Kia, not an Audi. Test the updated Infiniti QX60

Уже не Kia, ещё не Audi. Тест обновлённого Infiniti QX60

The big Infiniti was better. But is that enough to fight with the top models?

What has changed in the giant?

Do not guess. Long body (5 meters) metamorphosis did not happen — the Infiniti QX60 continues to be energetic in the front, "hunched" back, and it only animates cleverly curved back front. There are new headlamps (full-led already in the base), and the pattern of lights now unites him with the Q50 sedan.

Уже не Kia, ещё не Audi. Тест обновлённого Infiniti QX60Уже не Kia, ещё не Audi. Тест обновлённого Infiniti QX60

Still got other bumpers, and grille instead of the horizontal beams of received cells. Plus the new wheels (18-, and 20-inch), and added to the palette of two shades — a total of seven. Was it better? Yes! Before puffy and toothless JX/QX60 was struggling to fit in an energetic model range of Infiniti, but now he added some striking features.

Уже не Kia, ещё не Audi. Тест обновлённого Infiniti QX60Уже не Kia, ещё не Audi. Тест обновлённого Infiniti QX60

Of course, the QX60 will choose not for design. Just open the door and to rejoice in the huge salon. If you go five of them, closely not be anyone, and the trunk will accommodate a decent amount of bags and suitcases. There is a third number — this is the main advantage QX60. And do not think that there will only sit on the child seat in the middle row can be moved forward. But long-legged passengers will soon complain about a too low pillow gallery.

Уже не Kia, ещё не Audi. Тест обновлённого Infiniti QX60The lever of the CVT was better in form, and it appeared the logo of InfinitiУже не Kia, ещё не Audi. Тест обновлённого Infiniti QX60Washer on the Central tunnel, you can select the driving modes - Eco, Snow, and throttle response is noticeably lower, but the Sport special advantages does not bearУже не Kia, ещё не Audi. Тест обновлённого Infiniti QX60a Heap of buttons on the centre console — the legacy of the previous models of InfinitiУже не Kia, ещё не Audi. Тест обновлённого Infiniti QX60Left of the steering wheel are buttons to turn on the system Safety Shield, tailgate opening, headlight washers, heated steering wheel and system stabilizationУже не Kia, ещё не Audi. Тест обновлённого Infiniti QX60Block of the memory buttons for the driver seat finally moved to a prominent placeУже не Kia, ещё не Audi. Тест обновлённого Infiniti QX60of the Seat received a new ornament trimУже не Kia, ещё не Audi. Тест обновлённого Infiniti QX60

However, all this was true before the updates. And the interior got quite a bit of the top front panel became soft, and the "stitching" on her plastic simulates the thread, there's a new variator lever with logo Infiniti. In addition, the block memory buttons the front seats have finally moved out of a blind spot in the upper part of the doors.

It is a pity that the center console remains overloaded with buttons, climate control and multimedia complex is inconvenient, and the "harvester" is outdated, and this applies to the display — the resolution is low. This is especially noticeable when you activate the rear view camera or the circular review. And this is a common problem of Infiniti models. But the materials are good, and the front seats are fantastically comfortable — after a few hundred miles back did not get tired!

Point work

Do not rush to blame the Japanese in the absence of hard work — all efforts were focused on removing the chassis shortcomings. First big upset of the Infiniti suspension — rolls, swinging on the waves, breakouts on large bumps... Now this not gone! The QX60 is more bright reacts to the steering wheel (change gear ratio), the engineers changed the springs and dampers, and that the crossover is surely fuck on earth grader. To heighten the comfort is better to choose 18-inch wheels beautiful "20-Kam" — they ride good, even on lousy roads.

The power unit did not change — paired with a CVT works well-deserved aspirated V6 3.5 VQ35 series. Great combination! In traffic and the rhythm of the city he closely follows the gas pedal, and on country roads happy energetic acceleration and a pleasant muted sound of the exhaust system. But why in the passport all the same 262 "horses"? Most of the power are high school classmates of long ago adjusted to a much more pleasant "tax" 249 HP the Answer is simple — next year, the QX60 will get upgraded engine VQ35DD (299 HP) with direct injection, which is already placed on the cars for the American market.

By the way, in the United States is the QX60 is the engine of the Infiniti brand. And I understand why. On the highway stock with enough power to accelerate briskly to the passport 190 km/h (the speedometer is a little goes for a mark "200") so fast the leads for the QX60 is not a hindrance, and direct it keeps well. Even at top speed aboard a quiet — thanks to improved sound insulation and laminated front glass (triplex). In combination with the already mentioned seats it makes the QX60 a good choice for long marches.

Finally, were modernized complex of systems of active safety Safety Shield — it is supplemented with the possibility of automatic emergency braking in the event of interference. By the way, for Safety Shield, which includes the monitoring of dead zones with a checkout assistant in reverse (he warns of approaching cars), active cruise control and hold in the band, Infiniti asks not such and the big money — 39 thousand surcharges that share top equipment Hi-Tech (3 957 000) and Elite.

Tax tricks

Yes, Infiniti did not bother with the certification engine V6 249 HP 3.5 acceptable — it makes no sense to do that in anticipation of the updated motor. And the QX60 has risen before the prices start from 680 000 2 virtually any, and now starting the QX60 Elegance is worth 2 999 000 virtually any. Just enough to get to the list of Ministry of industry and trade, where there are higher rates of vehicle tax (the so-called luxury tax)! Great?

Уже не Kia, ещё не Audi. Тест обновлённого Infiniti QX60

Not really. First, the QX60 hybrid, where it helps the compressor 2.5 motor, already falls for this line — the price list starts with 3 531 700 virtually any. But even with a step-up ratio of 1.5 250 "horses" will be cheaper than a herd QX60 V6. Secondly, the quota for Elegance is vanishingly small — although Infiniti claim that this crossover can be purchased from dealers, these machines quickly disperse. Don't forget about the introduction of the system ERA-GLONASS (from spring 2017), which will also make the QX60 is a little more expensive.

Why marketers invented the Elegance + Roof Rails. As you might guess from the name, it differs only... rear arches on the roof! The price thus rises to 3 358 200 virtually any. Gold railing? No, just this version and should be considered primary. Good Equipment — leather interior, electric seats and tailgate, comfort access, three-zone climate control, full set of airbags, a rear view camera and all wheel drive.

The basic rate in Russia is doing on the QX60 Premium 3 677 200 virtually any — and there is already a navigation system with hard drive music Bose (very, by the way, not bad!), camera circular review, salon mirror with automatic anti-dazzle and memory settings for the driver seat. It turns out that the QX60 is still among the more affordable Hyundai Grand Santa Fe, Kia Sorento and Ford Explorer, Prime, premium, Audi Q7, Lexus RX and Volvo XC90. And the last three in the Russian office of the Infiniti you consider as the main competitors! I'm afraid with a more modern crossover QX60 will be difficult to compete — such machines rarely buy because of the opportunity to put 7 people in the cabin.

Уже не Kia, ещё не Audi. Тест обновлённого Infiniti QX60
Power, HP 262
Working volume, cm3 3498
Number of cylinders 6
Power, HP 262 at 6400 rpm
Torque, Nm 334 @ 4400 rpm
City, l/100 km 14.4
Highway, l/100 km 8.5
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h, 8.4
Maximum speed, km/h 190
Length, mm 5093
Width, mm 1960
Height, mm 1742
Wheelbase, mm 2900

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