Counting adults. Test of the new BMW 5-series

Считалочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серии

Write five to seven in mind. Because the border between the big BMW sedans have become quite conventional. And in some places — invisible


Business sedan in a new body G30 — already the seventh generation BMW 5-series. And again, it was built on the units and advanced technologies Executive "seven". Coincidence? Rather, the logic, supported by statistics. Previous 2010 model with factory index F10 has sold over two million units, becoming the most successful "five" in 1972. So why not repeat the correct recipe? Moreover, without a deep unification anywhere today, assume the costs are not shy even in the premium. Another problem — child product so strongly attracted to the donor that barely surpassed...

Считалочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серии

3 and 5

Although the politeness externally observed. Let the new "five" have increased from all sides millimeter-another and to the length as much as three inches slipped. But to catch up with the rough terrain "seven" younger model, of course, not given. Now opened BMW: 5-series from nose to tail just a little up to 5 meters does not hold, and the wheelbase is up to three. In turn, the "seven" went a little farther over the frontiers. In General their sizes are comparable, both sedan large, prestigious and... beautiful? Decide for yourself, only note that the proportions of the 5-series is correct: short front overhang, long hood, shifted back cabin — all we love.

The shell is plump, the salon — not very. According to our measurements, the G30 offers rear passengers an extra couple of inches for your knees and over your head, but across the width of the precursor to almost parity. This means, on the second row will not clear. It seems to be nowhere to run, but the feeling of compressed space does not leave. From seasoned BMW owners immune to it, but if 5-series for you — improving with "national" Toyota Camry or Skoda Superb... get Used to it, the status is sometimes constrained by the framework Convention. In this case, features classic layout.

Считалочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серииСчиталочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серии


Massage programs saved in the memory optional comfort seats with automatic heating and ventilation. There are sport seats with deep planting. Even the basic version has an electrically adjustable backrest. In General, the front "five" — the standard ergonomic values BMW. You don't care how much of a back seat and what's under the hood. In this cockpit is convenient to turn the "bug" at night the Parking lot of the supermarket, slowly roll from the concert and even nervous in traffic. There's a lot of newfangled sensors, digital panels and other gadgetopia, but they are functional and not annoying. Maybe from the fact that all this we have already seen "seven"?

Inside the 5 series flagship, repeats in minute detail. On the one hand, it is secondary. And on the other — what's the difference if the donation has brought gesture control, unmanned Parking, key-smartphone, wireless charging and other wow-technology from the world of Executive sedans? Of course, it is necessary for them to pay generously, but stuffed "five" is now also a machine of wonder.


Diesel "Newtons" three-liter row "six" — this is serious. So that 265-530 HP (+ 7 HP and 60 N∙m predecessor) leaves of six seconds in acceleration to "hundreds": the 5.7 with the result of a rear-wheel drive model, last generation 5-series so could only 4x4. But the new sedan with all-wheel drive xDrive transmission is even quicker and 5.4. Numbers don't lie, with all the leading diesel 5 series rides really efficiently. The tires squeaked sometimes just because someone from colleagues managed to "trim" the protector inept drive.

But a competent driver on antipropulsives and the stabilization system will not remember — "hardware" and so copes. 530d xDrive allows you to open sooner in the turns: under the hood the sedan is slightly twisted into a plait and not turn the front axle. And then just pressed go. Elastic turbodiesel famously takes out almost from idle , and even in the annealing does not forget about diet, by consuming less than 10 liters of diesel per 100 km. Seem Balanced and all-weather modification did it. By the way, for winter, BMW came up with another feature — the heated surface radar. The idea is that this will allow the assistants of the movement (like active cruise control) to remain in service even in the snow. In the case of check.

Считалочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серии


Horsepower (+34 to their previous motor) gives now the petrol row "six" — also a three-liter turbo and also. The first time 540i will be the most nimble version in the line — for 4.8 s to 100 km/h in the presence of xDrive. But now we have rear wheel drive. And she's also pretty damn fast, not even on the passport (5,1), and on feelings. This "five" nice "to have" seriously under savory deliberately shooting exhaust.

But for everyday use the 530d. Even with diesel fuel of less drama, but, for example, with a diesel engine gets along better eight-speed automatic is about it do not remember. And on the petrol car it sometimes shuts up. It seems to be a regiment of maximum pull as much from 1380 rpm starts, and the box is a ZF quick-thinking. But no-no and will fall into a stupor: that if one gear to throw, or two... And in the wrong lane coming closer and closer! Treated thought the transition to sportregion. But with gas in any case we must be careful — using too much, just the warning light is blinking DSC.

Считалочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серииСчиталочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серииСчиталочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серииСчиталочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серииСчиталочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серии


The basic navigation mode provides adaptive chassis of the new "five" (on versions with the mechanics of the three). In any of these sedans expected pleased with the responsiveness and surprising ANTOR group has! Even 19-inch wheels (a total of 20 in sizes from 17 to 20 inches) and M sports package with lowered suspension does not make the car bouncy stool. Aluminum front dvorachek and at least light rear mnogoryichazhka successfully filter any irregularities from combs graders up to speed bumps. Medieval pavement and the confounded. Heard the slaps of tyres, the body tenses, like a shaker, but the steering wheel and seats — the peace and tranquility.

The pneumocylinders, as in the Mercedes E-class, "five" do not put in principle — say, the ideology of the other. Only on the wagon they appear, and that on the rear axle to the body sags under load. I want to rock? Chassis ready for this. The only question is that on a normal suspension rolls more noticeable and palpable inertia in the transitions, and the version with M-package performs tighter maneuvers. The option of xDrive draws a more stable arc, but rear-wheel drive version of the wheel cleaner. But it's all shades and the perfect balance. "Five" BMW lights again!


New "five" is easier to cut space. The streamlined sedan was improved by 10%, the coefficient of air resistance dropped to a ridiculous value of 0.22. Let only in the performance of EfficientDynamics, the "normal" versions — 0,24-0,25, but it's cool. What? The real fuel consumption is lower, the aerodynamic noise is less. Powertrain 5-series is now also wrapped in sound and heat insulating capsule SYNTAK. Therefore, spontaneous sounds car no issues, you conduct a volume — pressing on the gas, urging the rattling of the exhaust. And if you do not drive, silence in the cabin G30 recalls "seven", and confirmed that even the mundane sound level meter. Despite the fact that the test machines side window was single.


The main figure in the matrix of the new "five" — a mystery. Russian prices and specifications did not call us. Although the price list is probably declassified before the end of 2016. After all, the first car customers will receive only three months — March 2, 2017.

Считалочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серииСчиталочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серииСчиталочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серииСчиталочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серииСчиталочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серииСчиталочка для взрослых. Тест новой BMW 5-й серии

For reference, the BMW 520i is now starting in the past the back of the F10 is 2 540 000 virtually any. And the new sedan is unlikely to become cheaper. In Germany on the 5th series of the seventh generation are already taking orders — at least 45 200 euros for the modification of 520d.

What the competitors by a large German trio? Russian price list for Audi A6 starts from 2 550 000 virtually any. Mercedes-Benz E-class is significantly more expensive — from 2 990 000 virtually any. Soon we will learn what answer BMW, but the easy life rivals "five" precisely will not give. And short wheelbase 7-series too.

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