Down jacket instead of jackets what is winter in new UAZ?

Пуховик вместо телогрейки: каково зимой на новом УАЗе?

A lot of electronics, "bar" options... But what about buckles? Is a crossover virus struck, even Ulyanovsk "Patriot", and not the Rover?

Shock. Breakdown covers. Read to the end. UAZ admitted that only fans of the swamp swamp da forest glades will not be full. You can argue until blue in the face, but statistics is relentless. It turns out that eight out of ten owners use "Patriot" as a universal machine every day. Outing "hybrids dirt" for them episodically. And if so, another pack of Ulyanovsk SUV seems logical.

Пуховик вместо телогрейки: каково зимой на новом УАЗе?

But — calm. UAZ is still faithful to the principles of hardcore automotive: frame, solid axles (and rear on leaf springs), rigidly connected front, panjika in Rastatt... Just upgrading the SUV dressed of coarse jackets elegant jacket. The function seems to be the same, only implemented better.

ESP — three useful letters

Paradoxically, the main "asphalt" innovation made "Patriot" prohodila! Talking about the stabilization system. To drive a two-ton Oise on the slippery — fun. In rear-drive mode, the SUV tries to go into a skid, and when you connect the front axle of the car reluctant to rotate the center differential in the transmission there. Special skills driver Ulyanovsk ATV will not hurt now, but the rookie now insures electronics. And does it correctly — it works frighteningly sharply and delicately, and softly, leaving the man a chance to correct the course.

The adequacy of different and additional functions, ESP. Restraint system on the slope (HHC) release the foot brake smoothly — a couple of seconds just enough to move your foot on the gas and start without a jerk. And the assistant turns and at movement on rise by a backing. To turn a high SUV in the turning became more difficult: the increase of the lateral acceleration stabilization will try to eliminate besieged the car and increasing the radius of the arc. Assistant HBA emergency braking — all very necessary thing for Oise, with its "cotton" middle pedal.

Well, where cars don't drive, help greatly simulate cross-axle lock. Before, it was like — "Patriot" could embarrass at the first ditch or slippery ascent. Caught hanging diagonally? Not enough speed? Smoke bamboo. On the updated model, it is sufficient to maintain a uniform gas in the area of medium speed, the rest will be done ESP. We were lucky — Armenia covered an anomalous snowfall. Just as we climbed into the mountains. Difficult terrain under the wheels of a viscous mess, but UAZ even in the civil nasipova Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV know yourself rushing, crunching brakes. Torque is not squandered in useless wheelspin, and is implemented as efficiently as possible.

German mark and the million-dollar question

Raises two questions. As Ulyanovsk was able to immediately correctly configure complex electronics, and why in a broad package of topfunky ESP no assistant descent from the hill? The answer to both is Bosch. The German company has set a condition — to carry out the adaptation of the latest block version 9.1 and making it operational under the "Patriot".

Uazu had to drive to a business trip to Germany, where he was taught to ride. That's only for each option money requested a lot. For the opportunity to safely get off the mountain would have to pay "millions" (as in the margins lamented azouzi), shifting them and then in the pockets of the clients. So are the old-fashioned way: turn on Ponzano, first gear, release the pedal and dive down...

Salon: firmly but comfortably

Significant drawback of the new salon seems to be only one — it's stale like yesterday's bread. Was on the front of the soft plastic became solid. Unfortunately, there is only a shell provider was able to integrate front airbags company Takata. But they are already in the base. As well As belts with height adjustment, pretensioners and force limiters.

To test the restraint system, fortunately, never had a chance, but positive developments in ergonomics "Patriot" we feel full. Rejoice, long-legged, you now do not have to go to the helm, because it has the adjustment on the flight. Up-and-down "bagel" now moves smoothly, not discretely. And bruises from the driver is diminished: the left knee will not face "poker" steering column lock lever disguised in the casing, as foreign cars. Right hand when shifting also Balk nowhere — multimedia system moved to the top, extending deflectors ventilation, climate unit occupied the former location of the touch screen.

Пуховик вместо телогрейки: каково зимой на новом УАЗе?Пуховик вместо телогрейки: каково зимой на новом УАЗе?

Ulyanovsk obviously tried to work on the conscience. Then chromium for greater elegance is added, there is a light block in the German manner, organised (with lights switched on by pulling the switch yourself), seats, steering wheel, gear lever and handbrake in practical dark skin wrapped. Even paddle levers and those became easier, and the left also got the triple blink function Blinker with a light touch. And, voila, the UAZ gets out from the army of asceticism to home comfort.

Science does not sweat

The "weather" in the cabin, the most expensive version of the "Style" (1 030 000) for the first time creates the climate control. Single area, but quiet and productive. Director of the Scientific-technical center UAZ Evgeny Galkin says that the ventilation system completely redesigned up to the wiring channels. And, they say, is allowed to transfer additional heating in the range of options and assessed its 6 000.

Пуховик вместо телогрейки: каково зимой на новом УАЗе?

For warm areas, maybe so, but the Armenian winter thought otherwise. The outside temperature is just below zero, snowing, high humidity in the cabin is four people. They are warm and cozy, but the glass fogged up. Clean the windshield is electrically heated, with side more difficult — even if you manually choose the direction and speed of airflow, the area of the rear view mirrors remain covered by a veil. Saves only the closure of the Central air vents.

Пуховик вместо телогрейки: каково зимой на новом УАЗе?

Generally with the review back in our car had problems. In the dark clearly in his left mirror fell the reflection of the instrument cluster, and a day was annoying distortion in the mirror elements, as if they were taken from a house of mirrors at an amusement Park. While the rest observe the district from a "Patriot" is convenient: you sit high, the glazing is extensive, and in extreme cases, insure rear view camera and Parktronic sensors now have in the front bumper.


"Guise" — that's where breakthrough. Additional soundproof mats and vibration wrapped the entire body up to the roof, especially profusely they covered the floor and cross panel and the door frame got a second contour of the seals. The numbers say that the cabin was quieter by 6-8 dB. And it really felt. Up to 100-110 km/h audible except the muffled rumbling of the engine but typical pohryukivanie transmission. The rustle of tires and the roar of the wind drowned out very well.

Пуховик вместо телогрейки: каково зимой на новом УАЗе?

The motor is not for the mountains

But if faster? Do not want and sometimes can not. Because point modernization gait SUV frame is not correct — need a new platform. "Patriot" is still walking on the road, requires constant taxiings, in a corner, the body squirms around on the flat seat, bulletproof suspension shake mercilessly, and the wheel and pedal to strengthen the muscles of the hands feet worse than physical.

But the main problem is the motor. 2.7-liter aspirated petrol ZMZ-40906 (diesel will be no more expensive) after the recent firmware change in the framework of training on "Euro-5" swung from 128 to 135 HP, but gain power rather to the arrogance of the owner. In the city and off-road motor strength enough, and with panagakou of 2.54 Uazu barriers at all. But on the road to overtake is problematic, in the mountains — it is impossible. It got to the point that conventional serpentine "Patriot" could not take in third gear, the second is barely enough to support a "vegetable" temp even with the gas to the floor.

One joy — ZMZ-40906 added reliability. Ulyanovsk changed the mount the surge tank and replaced the failed drive roller of the auxiliary units, which were often torn strap. Well, about the refinement of the fuel system we just described.


Everything seems to be fine. UAZ learned new things, not forgetting the fact that good was able to do before. Serious large SUV with good equipment — the dream of the Russians? But then it's time to think about money. You have to understand, "Patriot" for 809 000 — a bare machine with no air conditioning and music. And Packed version of "Style" is worth 1 030 000. Plus 8 Grand for metallic paint. And this is the territory Renault Duster. Let the trunk of a matchbox, the cabin is much smaller and the trace of the Oise it is unlikely to pass. But the crossover is more dynamic, more maneuverable, more reliable, it has economical diesel and automatic, which for the city is clearly better suited. So whether or not the "Patriot" trying to sit on two chairs?

The Evolution Of The "Patriot

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