F. A. Q. for choosing Skoda Kodiaq

F.A.Q. по выбору Skoda Kodiaq

7 questions and 6 answers about the big crossover Skoda

We have traveled on Skoda Kodiaq to the first presentation in Mallorca, and is now preparing a comparative test. Meanwhile, you had a lot of questions about this new product in the comments to the first material, so the most popular ones we brought in this little F. A. Q.

1. So what the animal is and what size it?

Name Kodiaq modified the name of the huge brown bear in Alaska, kodiak. "Skoda", apparently liked the letter q, as another novelty of the smaller size (between Yeti and Kodiaq) called Karoq. The crossover is not in vain called "Kodiak": the eponymous bear is one of two major along with the polar white. Kodiaq, of course, not the Escalade, but definitely the biggest Skoda. Not to be confused with the longest: with a length of almost 4.7 meters, he 167 mm inferior "Superbug". But this is the first seven-seater in the brand's history, and it is wider, taller and heavier than any other "Skoda".

F.A.Q. по выбору Skoda Kodiaq

2. How much is it worth

If the rough, 2 to 2.5 million. The most expensive engine (diesel, 180 HP) plus all the jackdaws in the Configurator is a 3 186 000. If you don't stick to everything, and to approach to a choice carefully, you with the same top engine will get about 2.9 million virtually any.

This amount fit options such as third row seats, ambient interior lighting, panoramic roof, brand skodowska "smart stuff" in the cabin, the top multimedia, wireless phone charger, and leather seats with ventilation. Diesel 150 "horses" will cost 40 thousand cheaper, and the initial petrol motor in the same one hundred and fifty forces will save relative to the 180-strong as much as 300 thousand virtually any.

F.A.Q. по выбору Skoda Kodiaq

3. 150 diesel power — it's ridiculous. Like all "engines from lawn mowers"

Indeed, we have Kodiaq available with relatively low power engines. Petrol 1.4 150 motor power (combined with 6-speed DSG) we haven't tried, but 180 HP two-liter engine pulling a crossover with dignity in cooperation with 7-speed DSG. Available in a wide range 320 "Newtons" provide the motor a good elasticity.

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