First test of the new Land Rover Discovery offroad interior

Первый тест нового Land Rover Discovery: бездорожье и интерьер

For a couple of hours with prototypes of Disco, we managed to climb only at the salon Yes Frodo. But it's something!

With the new Disco there is something that happened recently with a Volvo XC90 when a new generation of the SUV jumped on polklassa higher. Became more refined design, more stylish image, higher the price. But does this mean that the legendary Land Rover betrayed fans? Lost not just a proven capability and armed with as many as 9 USB ports and 21 niche for the little things, being prepared to take buyers from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz? Moreover, the price is for the base for Disco four million, you can buy a Q7, X5 or GLE.

Including. But conclusions to do early, because we don't yet have complete the experience. First, we tested pre-production samples of the Discovery 5. And secondly, a brief meeting was only driving off-road. Not a bad idea, because a new Discovery under the bottom of 283 mm in the upper position of the suspension, and the angles of entry, exit and ramps (34, 30, and 27.5) is very similar to its predecessor.

Первый тест нового Land Rover Discovery: бездорожье и интерьер

Still SUV

Such a geometry is sufficient for serious trails. And rocky-clay trail through the dense forests of the Scottish estates, with prolonged ascents, ditches and Brody confirmed it. Even when we have a plot of the rocky trial, from using Navigator Disco went through large boulders with no contact to the body on the terrain. Branded Twister off-road modes — cool thing. But it often raises doubts about which algorithm to choose is still under the wheels of gravel with stones or stones with gravel?

Now there is auto mode — the car itself determines the coverage and adjusts the system in an optimal way. We were driving on forest tracks in the "dirt/track", and then switched to "auto". There is no difference! Similar was the effect of the change of algorithm the "stones" to "auto" on the huge boulders. The engineers say that situations where auto will give way to specialized, almost non-existent, but the possibility to choose the last driver still left.

More electronics for ofroad

Another useful thing is an off — road cruise control that allows you to go smoothly. Until recently such a thing was offered only Toyota: the point is that the speed on the roads is maintained constant not only in the descent (of a control system of descent from the mountain there are even many crossovers), but also on any surface. This allows you to focus on steering between obstacles, but also eliminates sudden accidental pedaling when shocks from the road.

The speed of the driver sets in the range of 2-30 km/h, and this choice is entirely his responsibility. Same as braking. In Land Rover experience and a more advanced system that slow the car in front of the beam or the pit, but for serial machines, it's not ready. In Discovery there is a kind of off-road launch control, which allows you to drive not with maximum sharpness, and Vice versa — is very smoothly. This thing is useful when there is only one chance to disrupt the top layer of soil, with which the tire is there any hitch. For example, this situation not once have arisen in the expedition in the mountains of Elbrus.

Crossover in the best sense

The motors say there is nothing on the road we went, and off-road both are 3-litre V6 (diesel 258 HP/600 nm and gasoline 340/450) dragged without question. Our crew Often ignored the advice of the trainers on the route include 8-speed transmission Ponzano (this can be done at speeds up to 60 km/h), and still have enough thrust. With the taxiway also not yet entirely clear, but definitely her character became less cargo. When provato on the ground in rally-style Disco willingly for a 7 seater car changed the motion vector and rested on the entrance to turns.

This is largely achieved due to the reduced weight of the monocoque body contains 85% of aluminum and weighs as much as 480 kg less than before! And "television" is made of magnesium and the trunk lid is composite. Although the total mass loss was slightly less than — 330 — 417 kg depending on version. Effect size and the presence of darkness actuators. Less weight — better dynamics: the gain in acceleration to hundreds averaged about 1 second and the maximum speed to 30 km/h. this indicator of "discovery" close to the German crossovers, to keep up with whom I never had a chance.

Первый тест нового Land Rover Discovery: бездорожье и интерьер

And yet, squeezer by Quad or jet ski, you can open a well-deserved beer, and loading this stuff onto the trailer, let them do a wife and child. Because you are so tired! Fortunately, they can do it for sure: Disco is equipped with semi-automatic systems maneuvering with a trailer in reverse (direction set knob Terrain Response), electroparka, assistant to accurately supply the tow bar to the trailer, and height adjustable rear suspension for ease of docking, the control system of lighting devices of the trailer, overload protection of the tow bar (120 kg maximum) and stabilization system of the trailer. And most importantly — dragging can be 3.5 tonnes. I hope that during a full test will have the opportunity to try all this in.

USB port at every seat

And two more remain. Since the length of the car increased by 14 cm, rear seats — complete even for adults. This seven-seater car in fact, and not on the landing formula 5+2. However, the boot has a volume in a Mini Cooper. All three rows of seats (as before, amphitheater) are heated, the first two are still cool, and for driver and passenger right available massage. All the seats fold electrically, in any of three ways: from the keyboard in the trunk, with a Central display or even from the application in the smartphone. The latter is a good option potrollit washers missing in the client room.

The obvious and the semi-secret glove compartments and compartments (total volume of 45 liters) are found in the most unusual places — the border guards when travelling is not boring to inspect the car. Among fans "dalnoboev" many of those who takes a million gadgets for self-survival. With six 12-volt outlets Disco can simultaneously freeze drinks, pump up the tires yourself, to nourish the radio, GPS, inverter and still there will be one free slot. And "." can not just hand out tablets to their children, but also kinder to the neighbours in the traffic jam — 8 available connections.

Unlike the previous generation, the rear door one-piece, so treat it easier. But comfortable flip "Board" is preserved as a separate element — a subtle, but powerful (up to 300 kg load) shop with electric drive allows you to safely change your shoes or to accommodate the three of us during the picnic. Surprisingly, the prototypes were assembled well — no cracks or squeaks. Except that microsofty gloveboxes worked through time, but even if they are not correct, then consider this charm of old England. Just like when the Butler in the castle hotel on my request to make the battery "louder" proposed simply to remove their towels so the room is better warmed.

Of course, at the moment, the Land Rover engineers have not said everything, and we are not all studied. But the impression in the short trip got that Disco still on the roads more than others (and sometimes even more than its predecessor), but it was controlled easily and more hospitable to meet passengers.

Finally, we offer you to watch a beautiful movie about Discovery 5 on the nature of Scotland:

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