Flour of choice: Hyundai Creta vs Renault Kaptur

Муки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault Kaptur

Two long-awaited crossover was close and the price and size, but in nature seem to have swapped bodies! Which one to prefer?

They waited, grinding the crumbs every bit of news, created the club forums and websites. And then was precipitated by dealerships and recorded in the queue. They are Hyundai and Renault Kaptur Creta, which debuted almost simultaneously. What to choose Hyundai or Renault? We will help you understand!

For beautiful eyes

Or, perhaps, no one between them and not choose? First I was shocked by the guard at the exit of a housing complex. "Oh, I'll hold you for a few minutes? What is this Renault? Cute!" From the rugged large men in uniform obviously don't expect he will like the lobes Kaptur with fancy sides, and even in orange-black color.

Муки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault KapturМуки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault Kaptur

Good Kaptur and rear, but in profile, it seems a bit stretched — presumably, the fact that the body from the more compact European Captur had to be adapted to the platform of the Duster. However, he really is 63 mm longer than the Hyundai Creta. Korean from St. Petersburg forms does not Shine and strikingly humble, but no less attention — we got it too orange. "So, how's the car?" asked the neighbor on the porch, emerged from an old Toyota Corolla, and then 10 minutes walking around the "Crete".

Although, to be surprised, if in the maximum configuration and Kaptur, and Grand sport rear led lights and 17-inch wheels? But we failed to give the palm to one of these crossovers, a small survey only assured in opinion: older people like Hyundai, and the youth vote for Renault.

Renovation in apartment buildings

Inside the exact same pattern! Renault distance a lot of bright solutions orange inserts on the seats and centre console trim, instrument panel with digital speedometer and the climate control unit unusual shape (all this is from a Renault Clio). But over time, reasons for joy becomes less. Hard plastic everywhere, the wheel is not regulated on the flight even in the maximum configuration, and women unpleasant surprise of his effort when Parking. No "Capture" normal armrest with compartment inside and a shapeless seats begin to fidget after a couple of hundred kilometers — tired back.

Муки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault KapturМуки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault Kaptur

Hyundai, by contrast, is conservative and boring — eye clings except for the nice "tidy" with white illumination of arrows and scales. But sitting here is easier — the wheel can pull on themselves! It is a pity that "bagel", and chairs trimmed with slick faux leather. Surprised a tiny touch screen multimedia system — now and in such mobile phones.

In the details Creta superior Kaptur — here full armrest, 2 sockets of 12 volts front, three-stage heated seats (Renault — 1 position) and rudder (and what does "Capture" is not). However, the glove box from Hyundai is very tiny — A4 paper can be put here, if you are not afraid to crush it. And even in the most expensive version of Comfort with packets Style and Advanced 1 289 900 virtually any from Hyundai there is no rain sensor, navigation system and cruise control! By the way, it added to the price of 25 thousand since the start of sales, although the modifications available in the price list still is 749 000 virtually any.

Муки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault KapturМуки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault Kaptur

Market success

Even so, the "Crete" in just 5 months, she has already settled among the 25 most popular models year with a score of almost 18 thousand cars. Kaptur-it starts with 859 thousand, and yet inferior to the sales almost doubled. But do not forget that the version with a CVT, which in the Renault make a bet, appeared only in September. However, Creta since its appearance in the showrooms in August steadily ahead even Renault Duster, which had previously held the title of the most popular crossover in the country.

Our Renault Kaptur in the top performance Style — a 1 163 980 virtually any. Much cheaper than a Hyundai, even if that leather interior in the "Capture" we need to pay extra. What else for the money? A two-liter 143-horsepower engine, climate control, engine start button (and by the way, the system will remote start with key cards), comfort access, Parking sensors and rear view camera, multimedia complex with navigation, all-wheel drive and... Yes, the same four-speed automatic, which has long been known for models of Renault.

Муки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault KapturМуки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault Kaptur

Battle of the machines

But because Kaptur will start quite slowly (although the specifications claim that hundreds it accelerates faster, "Crete") and the box sometimes twitches when switching. Before overtaking it is better to move a step down in manual mode, and on the track so frustrating Kaptur high crankshaft revolutions. That, however, does not affect the acoustic comfort is a very quiet machine!

Strong point of the Hyundai six — speed automatic available for any of the two engines (1.6 and 2.0). But not just because of Creta''s raring to go, as if stung — typical of Hyundai''s first response to the gas pedal unnecessarily harsh. And it's stopping in traffic or trying to fit into a tight Parking space — it would not be in the bumper of a neighbor! The rest of The claims into the drive unit no, although the box is trying by all means to remain at the highest levels and when overtaking or acceleration have to proimote pedal to kickdown.

Муки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault KapturМуки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault Kaptur

The amazing thing is that fuel consumption in urban environments crossovers were the same — 11,5-11,7 l/100 km But if Kaptur need to fill in the "95th" gasoline, Creta certified for use "92". A pleasant bonus. And in General, Creta good on city streets — it has much better visibility, especially forward, light steering wheel, which definitely appeal to women, and turns she is not afraid.

For "Cretu" good, "Capture"...

With Renault all the way around — on the "hard" steering wheel is transmitted shocks from irregularities on the arc, and behind the thick a-pillars can hide "KAMAZ". But the harder the conditions the better for the "Capture"! In the days of the test roads covered with snow, but even on regular all-season tire Pirelli Scorpion Verde car easily felt (thanks to the power steering!) and well clinging to the surface. And a little something in the matter delicately joins ESP. Very transparent behavior!

Муки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault KapturМуки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault Kaptur

But the main thing — it is a fantastic ride on bad roads. Pits, potholes, wash — at all! Hyundai is shaking and fussy, and the one who thought to change "Cretu" studding Sava Eskimo Ice, it is necessary to deprive of the prize, and it's not just that the spikes in it seem to be just for decoration, but they are still unpleasant buzzing that only emphasizes the bad noise insulation wheel arches.

No "winter" oddities not done in both crossovers. For example, in Renault windshield defroster is only activated simultaneously with mode blowing. I want to thaw — listen to the fan noise and air! While "Crete" buttons for heated seats and steering wheel are grouped under the unit climate control, that makes me think, did she not have a thread in the doors? There! But the key to be found to the left of the steering wheel. Rear view camera in winter Moscow become useless after a half-hour drive away. Well, they duplicated the Parking sensors. And freeze frame Hyundai wiper blades. And this is the car for almost 1.3 million of the...

Муки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault KapturМуки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault Kaptur

Switched bodies?

Surprisingly came out — for all its "European" appearance and the bunch of bright parts Renault Kaptur hardest impressive in difficult conditions. Rough habits and flaws in visibility will not be happy in the city, but omnivorous suspension and "pasterovskaya" reliability has to provide him with the love of the inhabitants of regions with poor roads. Besides, it looks nontrivial and quiet inside. But the youth almost like sluggish acceleration "Capture".

Муки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault Kaptur

On the contrary, for all its mundane appearance, the Hyundai Grand — a real citizen. Easy to manage, easy to fit, with a good view and smart powertrain. But it upsets the suspension, which shakes the inhabitants of the cabin on short wave and the joints at typical city speeds and long journey will tire the tire noise and lack of cruise control. And what you want older people, if not of comfort and peace?

Муки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault Kaptur Муки выбора: Hyundai Creta против Renault Kaptur
Power, HP 143 149
Working volume, cm3 1998 1998
Power, HP 143 at 5,750 rpm 149 at 6200 rpm
Torque, Nm 195 at 4000 rpm 192 at 4000 rpm
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h, 11.2 11.3
Maximum speed, km/h 180 179
Box type Automatic (torque Converter 4-speed) Automatic (torque Converter, a 6-speed)
Drive type Full Full
Length, mm 4333 4270
Width, mm 1813 1780
Height, mm 1613 1630
Wheelbase, mm 2673 2590
Curb weight, kg 1405 1472
Trunk volume min/max, l 387 402
Trunk volume min/max, l 1200 1396

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