Full rear-wheel drive. Test Mercedes E63 AMG S

Полный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 S

612 HP and 850 nm. What else do you need? Rear-wheel drive. Or complete? It is best to wrap the both of you!

Oh, this eternal debate about the best drive for powerful machines. Rationalists care of full, purists defend the rear, and insane nicer front. Latest manufacturers somehow don't take seriously, so any sports car with a capacity of several hundreds of forces the gimbal. Cool thing — makes it possible to take turns effectively to be worn sideways, and finally, burn rubber in place. But as it comes to fast seconds — especially in the hands of the kettle or during the vagaries of the weather — need to design more complicated. Although many petrolhead believe that all-wheel drive is boring. How to please everyone?

The answer lay on the surface: and why not combine both in one? Mercedes-Benz did so, allowing the new E63 S 4Matic+ to become a "zwei-matik". You no longer have to choose the type of drive, as in the past generation "super-bucks" is enough to agree on the top-end version of the new E63 with the letter S. There and more strength, and a unique mount two-faced.

On the one hand, you can not worry about the snow under the wheels or the lap — a piece of subtle work assumes an advanced all-wheel drive. On the other, has activated a special mode of the game and having fun without limits, only turning but not turning the wheels of the front axle. It turned out something like a connected off-road part-time, just the opposite: to drive an automatic 4x4, and for special fun — monoprivodnom mode. That's the main idea of the E63 S version: one single machine with several different characters. All in order to keep the old audience (giving her even more than before) and attract new ones. For example, northerners.

Do you know the why behind this 612-horsepower monster looks like that in twilight I confused it with C as much as 180? Because these not only burn tires in front of native faculty "Golden" students, but also go on business meetings their successful fathers. Others buy loaded "eshku" as "Gran Turismo". Today, you are tolerably willing to drive on native areas to the side of the German autobahn, and tomorrow "nawazish" nimble sports car on the convolutions of the French Alps. Because the enthusiast is inherent in the case to improve the skills on the race track. Behind the wheel of the same E63 AMG S that is not begged for mercy after a couple of laps.

But unless the predecessor was not the same?

Полный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 S


Same name, close to power around six hundred "horses", V8 Biturbo, automatic with petals and a Race Start function, all-wheel drive. At first glance, everything is the same, but in fact it is a completely different machine. The points.

Platform. The new E63 AMG is made on the basis of the fresh E-class W213 generation. This means that he has his own body, modern interior with all the innovation kind of taken a single glass double monitor front panel and tachpadom on the spokes of the wheel and also a full set of highly intelligent electronics. For example, the autopilot knows how long to stay in lane with no hands on the wheel, change lanes into the adjacent lane and to do many other inappropriate things super-sedan.

Engine. For the past seven years, the name for the most powerful E63 Eldorado remains unchanged, but under the hood each other changed as many as three different engine. General trend: less volume, more power. In 2009, it was atmospheric M156 6.2 in 2011 with the 5.5 Biturbo M157 index, and now the 4-liter M178 engine with two superchargers twinscroll. Peak power " S " versions — much as 612 585 forces against the fierce E63 previous generation.

Полный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 S

Transmission. Fundamentally it's the same AMG Speedshift MCT with wet multi-plate clutch instead of a torque Converter, the functions of launch control and a double-declutching. But now a box is 7 assists, and 9, as well as a completely new electronically controlled node of the power to the front axle.

Drive. This is the most interesting. Four-wheel drive had the E63 in the past generation, but on the basis of the differential circuit with a constant distribution of 33 to 67. In the same machine — multi-plate clutch of the PTO, which constantly changes the torque distribution from 50/50 to 0/100 in favor of the rear axle. It means that wiser all-wheel drive traction adapts to road conditions in real time and promises to drifting on a 612-horsepower sedan!

Drift for everyone?

Not to sound too vulgar, but rather it is to describe difficult. The excitement before the first drift before the first thus date. How to perform a task is clear only in General terms. There are machines that are not intended for the first time. And there are those that will suggest and push, and now you're a handsome man. To which category the monstrous E63 S? I don't know. Mersedesovsky software blocked the Drift Mode at the time of the presentation to someone drifter in Portuguese vineyards! Hints?

But guesses are guesses, and you need to check. Twilight, the empty paddock of the autodrome of the Algarve, factory driver in FIA GT3, Jan Seifert is prepared to commit a small crime office. Includes Race programme, and the stabilization deactivates the box in manual mode, both of the petal itself. The collection tubes light up the icon Drift Mode, and the clutch all-wheel drive is preparing to rest. The Writing on the area "bagels" huge radius, the pros are not particularly strained, with the control of the super-sedan. I believe, and I wouldn't be too strained.

Полный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 SПолный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 S

But what if you try to hand out sideways, not on the court, in bundles or make room in the turns? Not rewound if the E63''s on the first tree and will not be plowed if the first flower bed? Unfortunately, test was not possible, but all entries indicate the available even for dummies drift. Accurate accelerator, clear the "short" wheel, is smooth, without jumps twinscroll thrust. And even the implantation of all-wheel drive, according to engineers, it does not affect the angle of the front wheels! Waiting for a more official meeting with the car.

Sofa for track

Fortunately, on the race track stupid restrictions was not. Ahead of the instructor in the AMG GT S coupe DTM legend Berndt Schneider, and he doesn't like it when it is trying to "warm" on the back. Therefore, the champion increases the rate from about walking to Nordic walking. But for us it is already riding at the limit. It's amazing how comfortable these 1 880 kg (excluding the driver) feel on the treacherous autodrome of the Algarve!

Of the bundles in the bundle, falling from slopes and soaring into lifts, E63 S demonstrates not only the dynamics, but also the stability and tenacity. Despite the fact that this is not the first challenge "the sixty-third Eldorado", the track she rides fast and fun. And, importantly — without health complaints: six E63 S has stood for a couple of hours of continuous sessions on the racetrack! Handlebar short and sensitive, the rolls do not remember, and stabilization eliminates cravings so delicately that without blinking pictograms on the tidy not every time will notice it.

This super-sedan is very intuitive in the limit, especially if not to be greedy with the speed of entrance and navigate in the built-in modes of the drive. Comfort, sport and sport+ leave (regular and not) roads. On the track we need a Race, and not just because of the name. At first I went to S+ and couldn't hold the tempo — was hampered by understeer and stability. Switching to Race that weaken the "street" and giving maximum rear-wheel drive is and the sharpness, I have ceased to smear with entrances and "blunt" outputs — special calibration of all allowed to keep up and have to lead the same group of pilots.

But on normal roads?

But as nice as the E63 S rotate, to direct his power more convincing. To the first hundred in just 3.4 seconds, and emotions from overclocking are not dulled even after 200! The thrill of the Race Start is unbelievable. In any mode, except "comfort" pressed two pedals, if desired, adjust the petals the revs, release the brake and teleport offers. In the previous E63 it was a ritual, a procedure which would take another whole paragraph. It is a pity that the top speed limited to 300 km/h, and then with a special AMG Driver's package. However, the tuners will be happy — the contrast will look the indicators, which they can achieve.

The sound of The engine is a little contrived, as artificially enhanced, but the production of bubbles, though not loud, but bazovica — style compressor AMG in the recent past. In the exhaust system has flaps 3, speed adjusting the volume and tone depending on the selected drive program. But you can always give the E63 S to clear his throat by pressing a special key — in the tunnel you will forget to do it! For longer trips, "super tails" acoustically comfortable, and suitable for suspension in the softest mode of operation of the gas strut.

Who needs all this?

Anyone who buys the Mercedes-AMG E63''s, can afford several cars. Also, as anyone capable of buying a voice recorder, a camera and living a week a mobile phone with a keyboard. But in the pocket of the most notorious still the smartphone that does everything at once and sits for a couple of days. For the same reason, choose, and mad E-class, just on a different level of consumption. It is convenient, though in some degree a compromise. But much more is needed — very few people earn in photography, but everyone wants to take pictures on vacation. Few chase in Russian Drift Series, but most owners of fast cars loves to rock on a deserted road.

Полный задний привод. Тест Mercedes-AMG E63 S

The owners supersedanov — not professional racers and don't want their money to look unconvincing. Need to pressed went. Hence, all wheel drive, and this user-friendly interface switcher modes. Click — sport. Click comfort. It is not necessary to change the style of driving you do car. So no AWD in the E63 S nowhere: a crime not crank up the speakers, if it's in the car. And that's the essence E63 S — mercedesfrom managed to make a car that is damn convincing whispers, owner: man, you are special, you are very fast. At the same time and really fast guys don't get bored behind the wheel.

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