Jaguar F-Type 2018: you sure not?

Jaguar F-Type 2018 года: у тебя точно не маленький?

This and gave up. Now the British sports car four cylinder. Fortunately, not always. Plus in compensation for downsizing the F-Type received several cool items

Why would he want a small motor?

Price! Captain's that Obvious and almost not go wrong. Four-cylinder engine did the F-Type folk. Saving compared to the V6, of course, is — more than half a million virtually any. But compared to the total cost of the car is only 10% of the profits for the updated coupe in Russia asking 4.5 million, the Roadster is more expensive — from 5.2. For comparison, a similar power (and thus faster) 718 Porsche Cayman and Boxster can be bought for less 4 million.

Jaguar F-Type 2018 года: у тебя точно не маленький?

Moreover, the choice of body variations of the most affordable F-Type and limited. For it is impossible to put all wheel drive or a manual transmission — only eight-speed automatic ZF. To "handle" the demand is very limited, say the British, and the 4x4 drivetrain would make the price difference with the older versions quite ephemeral.

The main profit of downsizing in fuel economy. Even formal. Passport average consumption of four-cylinder versions below 17%, and this is a good tool "Jaguar" as the automaker lower the risk of getting a scolding for excess emissions for the model range. However, the real benefit too. But her size depends on you. And here's why.

Jaguar F-Type 2018 года: у тебя точно не маленький?Jaguar F-Type 2018 года: у тебя точно не маленький?

Rides like a vegetable?

The new engine is the latest version petrol "four" Ingenium with double-flow turbine. With two liters of displacement, Aguadulce took a weighty 300 HP May not record (the same Mercedes-Benz squeezed more), but very close to the compressor three-liter V6, which produces 340 power. Close & strength: 400 N∙m vs. 450. And the little engine goes to peak thrust very early, from 1500 rpm (V6 — 3500 c).

The plot thickens — downsizing not so bad? Factory performance indicators how would I assure you: Yes, a little, not so bad. Acceleration in 5.7 seconds to "hundreds" is not much longer than the 5.3 with the F-Type V6. This is what, for every ten advantages of 100 thousand virtually any to pay? Not too much right? But then we must remember that the F-Type with its bustling character — is entirely about feelings, and only then about numbers...

Jaguar F-Type 2018 года: у тебя точно не маленький?

And emotions can be a bummer. How does not tried to jump above the head (shortening, for example, for brisk acceleration the main couple), four-cylinder nature to cheat failed. The F-Type rides, but not to say that "rushing". Just dials move smoothly and aggressively, but fairly casually. You believe, waiting, stomp on the gas, burning fuel... nothing.

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