Mini, which you cannot buy: the test of a loaded JCW Clubman

Mini, который вы точно не купите: тест заряженного JCW Clubman

Purchase Mini irrational, and in our hands the best proof

Even I — a man extremely tolerant to various strange machines — surprised to see Russian owner of a JCW Clubman. Mini buy is not because they are better than other, cheaper, faster or have bigger trunk. Mini buy in spite of: a rigid hanger, insane interior, high price. There is a category of non-poor people who believe this, neoretro-the design is cool, the originality is a top priority, and manageability appreciate more opportunities for self-transformation. But this John Cooper Works Clubman buy only the originals from the originals.

I understand the owner's usual Mini John Cooper Works — cool three-door showed itself even in racing school at the Nurburgring! Understand the buyer's "civil" Clubman Cooper S there, in addition to the original body "coupe-wagon", there are four-wheel drive and powerful motor. Although for the same million eight hundred you can buy the whole crossover (and who said it better?) But what bolted to five(six?)the door motor in 231 power brakes legendary "Rambo" and suspension-zubodrobilnye?


The answer becomes clear if you, for example, in the Tyrolean Alps, where they filmed the last James bond film. If you go down the mountain, 4-piston Brembo monoblocs are kept much longer than standard staples have a Cooper S. and suspension over the 5 kilometres of the descent will of consciousness is transformed from a bumpy (offered alternative dampers with variable stiffness) in the collected. This integrity will allow you to fly into corners like you Rauno "the Rally Professor" Aaltonen on the special stages of the Rally Monte Carlo in 1967, when he won the race driving a tiny Mini Cooper.

Mini, который вы точно не купите: тест заряженного JCW ClubmanMini, который вы точно не купите: тест заряженного JCW ClubmanMini, который вы точно не купите: тест заряженного JCW ClubmanMini, который вы точно не купите: тест заряженного JCW Clubman

Regular Clubman Cooper S All4 will not flutter in the mountain convolutions — with more bounce and rolls you couldn't take the pace from which your palms sweat. Although he also has a fine-tuned vectorization of the thrust, which literally sucks the JCW Clubman in the tight turns. It electronics sensibly cope with understeer on entering a turn, and to deal with the "anderstrom" output here has all-wheel drive.

However, to apply it properly, along with a weakened manually stabilization system. Only then Clubman JCW will be a bit more rear-wheel drive and will zakruchivaetsya in turn gas. And it lacked trehdverka the peredneprivodnikom in some of the turns of the Nurburgring!

I specifically asked the veteran Rauno, who attended the presentation what he thinks about the ability of the Clubman JCW frolic on the ice of a winter lake. "You can, but without the fun," — 78-year-old Finn, who owns at racing school home, 've tried this JCW Clubman on slippery surfaces and found that for a nasty drift pull on the back enough. The nature of The AWD does not change with the activation sportbike when the engine, steering wheel and box exacerbate the reaction, and the production begins to loudly do the full Barry white and to shoot.

Motor is more than enough. If, on the contrary, to go up to the mountain, the 231 horsepower is much more fun 192 without the coveted Clubman JCW letters. Still not enough to keep the pedal mashed into the floor it was scary, but enough to be on the road to beat really fast cars. And it is in these conditions reveals a JCW Clubman on a simple three-door Mini John Cooper modifications with no all-wheel drive in the winter so it will slip on acceleration and in turns inevitably to go out. And ski kit in its body is arranged is not so great.

Back to reality

But back to Russia, where the ratio of mountainous area to the plain is about the same as the bad roads to the good. Hard have here Clubman with John Cooper Works label, because in that sense it is in this version a little, but worth it — a lot. And this conclusion I'm not going to throw the novelty in our market, and because nichebot Clubman JCW version is obvious.

And if you think the title of this text is a provocation and blatant lies, I am happy for you. So, someone, contrary to boring common sense, will appear (at the earliest in March) rare and cool in the management apparatus. Mini John Cooper Works Clubman can you desire only irrational: because I like to, because — not like at all. And power, cool chassis and four-wheel drive will be fast not only in summer but also 365 days. Valuable in our climate the property.

Finally, we offer you dynamic video with sound of the sports exhaust JCW Mini Clubman and the main characteristics of this machine:

Mini, который вы точно не купите: тест заряженного JCW Clubman
Power, HP 231
Working volume, cm3 1998
Number of cylinders 4
Power, HP 231 at 5000 – 6000 rpm
Torque, Nm 350 at 1450 – 4500 rpm
City, l/100 km 8.4
Highway, l/100 km 5.8
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h, 6.3
Maximum speed, km/h 238
Box type Automatic (torque Converter, 8 steps)
Drive type Full
Ground clearance, mm 141

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